Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's really cold outside! So I've been doing a whole lot of snoozing under blankets. I like to burrow allll the way under them and freak my Mom out. I don't know how I breathe under there, I just do! So here is a collection of pictures of me looking adorable (as usual) and doing my best to be as lazy as possible.

This is my favorite place to lay, on the couch or in bed at night - right behind my Mom's knees!


See how tired I am?

Gosh it is so exhausting being me.

ET, Phone Home

I know, I know, I am too cute for words, I get that all the time.

By the way, don't think I haven't been reading all of your blogs about all of the turkey you guys had last week. I didn't get any turkey!! Mom and I stayed here in our new house this year for Thanksgiving instead of going to Grandma and Grandpa's, and you know Grandma is the only one who ever gives me FOOD. Plus my Mom doesn't eat meat off the bone (she is weird!!) so she always makes meatloaf and sides instead. So I couldn't even TRY for any turkey scraps! How about that. And to top it all off, my jerky cousin Jack told me that HE went to Grandma & Grandpa's and HE got turkey and HE ran the whole house like he owned the place! I'm going to have a lot of work to do down there to get things back in order when we go for Christmas.

So instead of feeding me turkey, Mom put up these strange "decorations" all over the house, including a TREE, right in the middle of the living room!

Later friends!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Warming the House

On Saturday we had a housewarming party. The house already seemed pretty warm to me but that's what people kept calling the party. The "housewarming party" ended turning into a big ol' DOG party instead! And it was GREAT!!!

At one point we think there were seven dogs enjoying my big backyard. My Mom was so busy playing hostess though that she forgot to get the camera out until it was much later. You know what the best part about all of the dogs was? They were ALL rescues! Even me and my cousin Jack are rescues, even though not through a "traditional" rescue source. We were just rescued from a bad home (in my case) and a home that couldn't keep him (in Jack's case).

More dogs than people! And a whole lot of sniffin' going on!

Guess who? Aunt Becky the Treat Whisperer! (Here is Rojo, Cracker Jack, Lucy and little ol' me. Walter, Smuckers and my cousin Jack had already left so they missed the treats!)

Of course we had to watch my favorite UFC. Cracker Jack got a front row seat. Look how big he is! Mom says he's a "gentle giant" though.

Mom thought the funniest part of the night was my new best friend Kyle. Kyle liked to make fun of me before that night. He said I don't even look real! Can you believe that? Well I sure turned that around!

I just made myself comfortable.

Kyle's tough-guy act didn't stand a chance against my powers of charm!

Look how jealous Rojo and Lucy are!

Yep, another cynic converted.

Once I had Kyle in my pocket I had to be a proper host and spend time with other guests, so I moved on to Bill's lap.

It was a REALLY long day and night of playing, and all of us dogs were tuckered out! While everyone else watched the fights, we snoozed.

Rojo made herself comfortable on my best friend's lap.

Then she moved to the floor to nap with her brother Cracker Jack.

Lucy AND her Mom Melinda were tired! Melinda just rescued Lucy from The Humane Society about a month ago. I'm thinking of dating Lucy but I am not sure I'm old enough to tie myself down just yet. But boy did she love me.

And me on Mom's lap. I hope they could hear the fights over my snoring.

Mom and Me!

I wasn't sure if we were going to get this post in before Thanksgiving because as you know my Mom can be pretty lazy, but I told her she owed me after that torture fest she put me through last night. So once again, Happy Thanksgiving to you all! We'll see you after the feasting! I will get a feast, won't I? Mom?

Someone Please Come Save Me From My Mom

Disclaimer: this post is not approved by me. I'm just warning you. There are going to be many pictures of me being upset. Tonight for some reason my Mom decided to torture me. I spent approximately 20 minutes being humiliated and wandering around in a daze. That is, when I could actually get up. For the first 10 minutes I just sat there, staring and hating.

Therefore, that's all from me. I refuse to write anything else. I'm resigning the rest of this post to my Mom, just like I resigned my dignity tonight.

See that paw? He really did want to wear it! (Ok, he really did want to chew it up...)

He went in to a bit of a puggie coma for awhile.

I can't stop laughing. Seriously, I've tried.

Seething with hatred.

This hat coming soon to a holiday card near you!

Many thanks to Jessica at All You Need is Pug for this awesome candy cane alien hat!

Next came the ... Sweater Vest!! That's right, we are fully on board the Melissa and Emmitt sweater vest bandwagon!

He just conceded defeat and fell against me. I had to make him get down to take pictures.

Don't you love the colors?? Hooray! They go perfectly with his argyle collar!

Flashbacks of whenever he has to wear his Cardinals jersey - he just goes in a trance...

...and slowly wanders around...

But doesn't he look handsome??

Even when he is glaring at me...

Thank you Melissa and Emmitt at Pug Notes! We love you guys and your stuff! Next on the list is a night light for the bathroom - but really we want everything! Vito's only request is no more clothes.

He hasn't spoken to me for over an hour.

Later friends! And Happy Thanksgiving in advance!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Shut Up Stick

Some of you have been wondering what a "Shut Up Stick" is. My Aunt Valarie (who's apparently not my blood aunt but she's my Mom's sorority sister from college so according to Mom that means we're related?) came to visit us back in May from Milwaukee with her crazy, bossy dog, Sue Ellen. I wrote about her before. She was a piece of work, that one! She barked in my face and made me all intimidated of her, even though she looks like a harmless little fluffy furball on the surface.

Aunt Valarie brought me some chewy sticks made out of chicken that she got at Target. Sue Ellen, true to her high maintenance form, is supposedly allergic to them. Her loss, my gain! Aunt Valarie told Mom that she calls them "Shut Up Sticks" because they made Sue Ellen go away and stay busy for a long time whenever she was being annoying.

Now clearly, I am never annoying, but Mom kept the name. And boy do they keep me busy!!

You and your camera please go away and let me shut up with my Shut Up Stick.

Later, friends!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Warning: this blog is going to be a little random because Mom is a terrible storyteller and she doesn't have a lot to say right now. I have a lot to say but I'm always being censored. So Mom thought she would just throw together a few pictures in to a post and call it a day. Lazy!!

Here's a picture of me you've seen before. It's from the last day in our old apartment. But Mom tried to be really artistic (translation: too cheap to hire a real photographer AS IF I'M NOT WORTH IT!!), turn it black and white, and blow it up huge and put it in a big frame in our new living room! Again displaying her aforementioned laziness, she totally stole the idea from the former homeowner who had a picture EXACTLY LIKE IT of her 13 year old Golden Retriever named Cosmo. She's even hanging it in the exact same spot as the former homeowner had hers! I shouldn't complain. At least she's hanging pictures of me instead of, I don't know, my cousin Jack.

Speaking of my cousin Jack, while she was being all "artistic" she turned another picture black and white as a Christmas present for my Grandpa. Grandpa never wants Christmas presents but instead of the Jack Daniels they usually buy him (what is Jack Daniels?), she decided to blow this picture up for him & put it in a frame to put on his desk at his office:

She's been trying to take a better picture of us but this will have to do b/c we are what she calls "uncooperative."

On another Jack-related note, he came to stay with us again this past weekend while my crazy Uncle Michael went camping in the freezing cold. And guess what! He didn't try to kill me once! Well, that's not exactly true. Once he was sleeping on the sofa and I accidentally stepped on him as I was trying to get to my Mom. Jack got really mad but Mom grabbed him by the collar before he ate me. Other than that though we were all good! Jack loves our new house and he ran A LOT. When he got here he did 10 full laps at top speed around the backyard. I had to stop chasing him after three. I'm a pug! That would have taken entirely too much energy.

To keep on track with the random nature of this post, here's a picture of me and my Mom's friend Veronica's dog Daisy. They came to visit us last month. Mom says it looks like Daisy and I are going on a first date:

Daisy is a 9 year old Italian Greyhound who Veronica rescued. Yay for rescue! Daisy didn't care for me much - this is about the closest she let me get to her all weekend. I liked being bigger than someone! Daisy has an 8 year old Italian Greyhound brother named Guido who Veronica has raised from a puppy, but he's "behaviorally challenged" as Mom calls it, so he stayed with his Grandma in Kansas City!

And one last picture for your viewing pleasure.

Me enjoying a Shut Up Stick.

Mom's still doing awful at keeping up with everyone's (and MY!) blogs and I'm not sure how long she'll get away with blaming it on our new house, but I think she's going to milk it for as long as she can! Don't give up on us! Later friends!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not Much to Talk About...

My Mom has been so busy getting our new house in order that she hasn't had much time to keep my blog up to date, so she told me to apologize on her behalf. Not only that, but we don't have many exciting stories either! I didn't even get a costume for Halloween! Once again I am considering placing that ad on Craigs List for a new home. I am still being horribly neglected.

So we only have one picture, but we wanted you to know we haven't forgotten about all of our friends in Blog Land! So here's a picture of me being the spokesmodel for our bedroom in our new house. Mom keeps taking pictures of the house and somehow this is the only one I managed to weasel my way in! So naturally it is the only picture that matters.

Oh but wait! Mom just remembered we could show you this picture:

See all of my harnesses and leashes and collars hanging on that nifty rack that the former owner left for us? Well look above it and you will see a picture of a super cute pug! My Mom's co-worker got it for her as a housewarming gift at a little boutique when she was visiting her daughter at Vanderbilt in Nashville! It's called "Pug on a Rug" and it's my favorite part of the new house. My Mom tells everyone that her favorite part is the drawer specially built to hold two trash cans, but really I think she secretly agrees with me.

Later friends!
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