Monday, January 31, 2011

Impending Doom

Mom and I are hunkering down for the predicted ice and snow that is headed for St. Louis! As you can see I am nice and cozy...for now anyway, assuming the power doesn't go out!

We don't have any bread, milk, or eggs but Mom made a vat of pasta for her last night and I have lots of stockpiled water and dog food! Mom even got cut loose from JURY DUTY (booooo, she says!) early today because of the weather, but she has to go back after the storm is over (boooooo again...).

I wish Mom would stop referring to me as "Snuggle Bear."

I already wiped out going down the back steps when Mom got home from jury duty this afternoon because they were covered with ice. Mom was texting with her friend after that and she told her about my unfortunate slip, and her friend said "Tell Turbo to slow down!" Turbo?? I don't need any more nicknames! So Mom put down some rock salt and she keeps rubbing my paws with a towel when I come back inside. It feels pretty good, which is surprising because you know I hate having my paws touched! I just never know when someone is going to whip out some nail clippers!

So for now I'm going to saw some logs on Mom's lap. I know this storm is going to hit a lot of you guys too, so stay warm and safe and off the ice! Mom is still super paranoid after her fall on the ice last month so she's extra scaredy cat about it all. Good thing she has me to be the man of the house.

Later, friends!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dang It!

Mom took away my rope toy. And I am very angry!!!

But at least she gave me some fresh new Nylabones in a sort of "trade."

Oh, alright...

Later, friends!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rope Toys and Such...

I LOOOOOOOVE rope toys! Mom stopped buying them for me for awhile because I also looooooooove to eat the strings! So she takes 'em away from me after not too long. But she surprised me last week with a new rope toy! Oh I had missed rope toys so!!

Hello old friend...
You smell just like I remembered...


I might look sinister here but I promise I am not ingesting any threads from this delicious rope toy...

What? Leave us alone.

I love you, Rope Toy.

I'm tired.

Also I have to show you how everyone around us has become Crazy Pug People too. At first I thought it was just my Mom. Then I thought it was just my Mom plus my Grandma, what with the Pug socks. But welcome Aunt Becky (The Treat Whisperer) and Uncle Michael (The Jerk's Dad) to the group.

Aunt Becky got this Purse Hook for Mom for Christmas!

And Uncle Michael got this book for Mom for Christmas. I bet there isn't a book called Living With Beagles! And if there is the Beagle isn't NEARLY this adorable!

See, everyone loves Pugs! Good for me, huh?

Later, friends!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jack Pays Another Visit...

Last weekend Jack came to visit again because Uncle Michael is doing some condo renovations and apparently Jack can't be trusted to not eat the crown molding that was laying all over the place. What an idiot. Crown molding doesn't taste good at all!

We got in a lot of playtime and I think at this point that Jack may have been switched out with an another Beagle because he hasn't tried to eat me in quite awhile now.

We are always so tired after playtime!

Jack is really beat.

Me too.

Look at me sharing my Mom with Jack! I am entirely too nice to this guy.

We also get really hungry after playtime!

Can we have some french fries please?

We promise to get caught up on our blog and everyone else's soon! Mom's had a bad cold all weekend so we have been snuggling a lot. Good times, for me anyway! Later, friends!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ready for Spring!

I may be "big-boned" but that doesn't mean that I'm not always cold! My favorite spot when I'm not snuggled on Mom's lap is sitting right in front of the heat vents.

Are you guys as ready for Spring as I am??

Later friends!
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