Monday, February 28, 2011

I've Had a Hard Day

So I'm just going to relax for the night.

This is my favorite spot to be rubbed. When Mom stops, that's when I get bossy and swat at her hand to continue.

Later friends!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Loving Memory of Emmitt

Mom and I are heartbroken. Our sweet friend Emmitt went to the Rainbow Bridge today. We are so sad. We miss him already and we wish we could bring him back. We are thinking lots about his mom Melissa (and his dad too) today. We wish we could take away their pain. Melissa has been so kind to us and we know she has been to all of you too.

So in memory of my friend Emmitt, I'm allowing Mom to re-post some pictures of me with some beautiful gifts from Melissa and Emmitt.

First was my delicious chocolate and lemon donut. I have fond memories of this donut, even though it only lasted me one night. I am an "enthusiastic chewer."

I don't have as many fond memories of this sweater vest, even though my Mom loves it.

But in your honor, sweet Emmitt, I will now wear my sweater vest with a new attitude. It will be in honor of the happiness you brought to so many people, but most importantly, your parents. We miss you Emmitt. Run free, friend, and have fun with so many of our puggie brothers and sisters at the Bridge.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Back in Business!

That's right folks! I'm BACK! Mom's still mad but I'm making her write a post for me anyway. Her year and a half old laptop is not coming back from the dead - something called a "motherboard" crapped out. (Note from Mom: Gateway is ON MY LIST!!! Stay away!) So she had to go buy a brand new laptop! She's not very smiley right now.

But on to happier subjects - namely Yours Truly! I've been just fine, thank you for asking. In fact look how chilled out I've been during the dark times Mom is calling "Three Weeks Without a Laptop":

I don't know what the big deal is - in my opinion, no laptop time meant more lap time for me.

Plus from the files of "Mom is a Crazy Pug Lady and Now Everyone Else is Too," my Mom's former co-worker gave her this as a late housewarming present! It looks JUST LIKE ME! (And probably you too huh??)

We'll be back soon with more posts to catch up on and we'll be checking in on your blogs too! We missed you all!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Miss You!

Don't worry! We are alive and well! But Mom's stupid laptop broke AGAIN so we are out of commission for a little while longer. But she agreed that you all might be missing me (and I'm missing you!) so I talked her in to making a quick post at work (shhhh!) with an old picture she has saved on her computer there.

We'll be back soon, I promise! And here's a re-post of a picture of me on my first day in my forever home with Mom! This was December 12, 2009. Look how happy I am! I'm still that happy! Most of the time anyway. I mean, except for: getting dried with a towel after a bath, when I'm really hungry and Mom is taking her sweet time instead of rushing to fill my bowl, when she puts sweater vests and hats on me, when she takes away a stuffed toy after I've ripped it open & before I can enjoy any of the stuffing, and when Jack tries to eat me. Other than those, yeah, I'm happy most of the time!

Mom also wants to assure you she's been taking lots of pictures of me in our no-computer-time so we should have some good posts as soon as that stupid laptop gets fixed.

Later, friends!
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