Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Busy

Well once again here I am apologizing for my Mom's laziness. OK, so she wasn't TOTALLY lazy, she's actually been sick for about a week, but really, is that any excuse not to take daily pictures of Yours Truly?

This is my Mom bundled in a robe, pants and socks when it's 95 degrees outside. Good thing she had me to keep her feet warm!

The doctors think they are figuring out what is wrong with her and she is going to be just fine, thank goodness. If something happened to my Mom, who would be at my beck and call, and who would I boss around?

You might remember that my grandparents and Trey came to visit last weekend for the Cards game. Here are some pictures of them having a grand ol' time!

Mom and Trey (Mom is forcing me to add here that she wasn't feeling great that day either, that is why she looks so tired. Alright Mom! Jeez, let me get on with things. I'm still a little mad at you. We'll get to that.)

This is Trey with a brick they have outside the stadium that says Mom's name, Uncle Michael's name, and Trey's name. Hmmmm, does anyone notice whose name is conspicuously absent??? That's right! Vito Marino!! Grrrr.

Uncle Michael and Trey talk about baseball A. LOT. (Grandma and Grandpa spent most of the game inside in the air conditioning.)

Well? Have you noticed anything yet? Guess who WASN'T INVITED TO THE GAME??? That's right, ME. I had to stay at home. AGAIN. I was tricked! I'm seriously considering putting out a want-ad for new home. I am horribly mistreated. This is me as Mom is explaining that it was too hot for me at the game, and oh yeah, PUGS AREN'T ALLOWED. Likely story, Mom.

Yeah, yeah, keep talking lady. Try to dig yourself out of this one.

One more exciting thing happening right now is that Mom is buying a house! Well, knock on wood, as long as the inspection goes well next week. I will have my own yard! Mom also says the house is really "adorable" and has a great kitchen, but really, all I care about is getting to frolic in my own back yard! Yes, I just said frolic.

So fingers crossed we get our new digs! If everything works out we'll be moving Sept. 25 - soon! See ya later everybody!

(PS Happy 38th Anniversary, Grandma & Grandpa!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finally, I'm Back!!

Well! I'm sorry I was gone for so long but obviously it was my Mom's fault. See, she left me for FIVE WHOLE DAYS last week! She says she had to go away for work and it wasn't her choice, but I'm not entirely believing her. While she was gone, I stayed with Uncle Michael and Jack (see Mom, I didn't call him a jerk) for two days, and then I stayed with my friend Emilie (aka My #1 Fan). When I got to Emilie's I was fully convinced that my Mom was gone for good. Emilie tried to take pictures of me, but I wasn't cooperating.

Do not look directly at Emilie.

If I don't look at her maybe my Mom will come back! (But Emilie had a really great bed and she was really nice to me.)

FINALLY my Mom came to pick me up and boy was I excited!! I still haven't really let her out of my sight (even though she has still been going to work everyday - I haven't figured out a way to lock her in the house but I'm working on it.) and it has made me BOSSIER than ever! I insist that I be on her lap or attached to her hip on the sofa at all times. I also scratch at her arm all the time trying to make her pet me. It usually works.

My Mom has also had another problem that kept her from posting for a little while. She has a staph infection on her chest! Remember how I had a staph infection in my paws?? The doggie dermatologist said it's not contagious from dogs to humans but Mom's human dermatologist isn't so sure. So it's been almost 3 weeks now and the infection is about the same but her doctor says that's okay because it's not getting worse. She has to take 2 pills a day and put on a steroid ointment. (OK Vito, I'll take it from here: the doctor says she's trying everything to avoid draining it because it will leave a horrible scar on my chest - totally visible in any shirt and right where a normal necklace would hang! So I'm with her, let's avoid draining!)

Well that's about all from this neck of the woods! I'm sorry this post had so few pictures - we'll blame that on Mom too. My Grandma & Grandpa & Trey are coming to visit this weekend to go to a Cardinals game, so I'm very excited! I'm sure I'll get to go to the game too. Right? Mom???? Right???? Hello?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from Grandma & Grandpa's

Hi everybody! I'm back from visiting my grandparents! I had a fun weekend with them even though my Mom left me for the entire day on Saturday while she went on a float trip. So I just hung out in the air conditioning on Grandpa's lap all day. Here are some pictures from our trip!

Me with my cousin Trey - I love him!!

We were having a great time if you can't tell.

Modeling my Cardinals jersey for the family. It was a big hit of course.

I laid down on this Cardinals towel with no prompting! It was one of Trey's birthday presents from Mom.

I'm lookin' good!

PLEASE, Grandpa???

You're really just going to torture me like this, aren't you?


Very tired Bear after a long weekend.

That's all, folks! Later!
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