Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Busy

Well once again here I am apologizing for my Mom's laziness. OK, so she wasn't TOTALLY lazy, she's actually been sick for about a week, but really, is that any excuse not to take daily pictures of Yours Truly?

This is my Mom bundled in a robe, pants and socks when it's 95 degrees outside. Good thing she had me to keep her feet warm!

The doctors think they are figuring out what is wrong with her and she is going to be just fine, thank goodness. If something happened to my Mom, who would be at my beck and call, and who would I boss around?

You might remember that my grandparents and Trey came to visit last weekend for the Cards game. Here are some pictures of them having a grand ol' time!

Mom and Trey (Mom is forcing me to add here that she wasn't feeling great that day either, that is why she looks so tired. Alright Mom! Jeez, let me get on with things. I'm still a little mad at you. We'll get to that.)

This is Trey with a brick they have outside the stadium that says Mom's name, Uncle Michael's name, and Trey's name. Hmmmm, does anyone notice whose name is conspicuously absent??? That's right! Vito Marino!! Grrrr.

Uncle Michael and Trey talk about baseball A. LOT. (Grandma and Grandpa spent most of the game inside in the air conditioning.)

Well? Have you noticed anything yet? Guess who WASN'T INVITED TO THE GAME??? That's right, ME. I had to stay at home. AGAIN. I was tricked! I'm seriously considering putting out a want-ad for new home. I am horribly mistreated. This is me as Mom is explaining that it was too hot for me at the game, and oh yeah, PUGS AREN'T ALLOWED. Likely story, Mom.

Yeah, yeah, keep talking lady. Try to dig yourself out of this one.

One more exciting thing happening right now is that Mom is buying a house! Well, knock on wood, as long as the inspection goes well next week. I will have my own yard! Mom also says the house is really "adorable" and has a great kitchen, but really, all I care about is getting to frolic in my own back yard! Yes, I just said frolic.

So fingers crossed we get our new digs! If everything works out we'll be moving Sept. 25 - soon! See ya later everybody!

(PS Happy 38th Anniversary, Grandma & Grandpa!)


Sequoia & Petunia said...

OMD you are going to get your own backyard! Oh we are so excited for you Vito. We can't wait till we get one of those things. We bet you will have so much fun.

Glad your Mom is getting better too.

Sequoia and Tuni

5puggums2mamasanddadandhiscat said...

Having your own turf is a must Vito. You will enjoy marking the whole yard a lots and barking at squirrels and birds and letting everyone know that this is Vito Marino's turf. Yes, being a boy is a fun thing when you have your own kingdom.
Licks you Laters,
George & Toby (The Slimmer Puggum boys)

The Devil Dog said...

Having your own back yard to run crazy in is a lot of fun. You do have to protect it from evil intruder kitties, though. That shouldn't be too hard for you. As far as the baseball game goes, I bet it would have been much too hot for you. And boring. What would there be for you to do? Other than steal hot dogs and get petted, a lot. lol
Good luck on the house. Fingers crossed here.


Hank said...

Vito, buddy.....sorry 'bout the game. That stinks. gonna "frolic" in that backyard, huh? Alright, well, good luck with that, bud.

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