Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vinny Update AGAIN - Jeez...

Mom has been a HUGE slacker AGAIN. And once again, I have to write a post about Vinny. This is getting OLD!

Mom just wanted to let you all know he's doing fine after the surgery on his eyes. The vet thinks it was something called "chalazions" which is what the bumps on his eyelids were - and were caused by his tear ducts becoming clogged! The vet wrote up a really long description of what they did, so if you ever think your pug has this problem, my Mom would be happy to explain it all to you, so just contact her. It's always something with this guy! (Always something getting on my nerves and taking my attention away!) They are still waiting for the test results to confirm that is all that it was, and if it was, then the surgery should have permanently fixed the problem. When he came home that night, he was in another daze. He hates anesthesia almost as much as I hate writing blogs about him.

He was actually sleeping like this.

AND he had to wear the cone of shame which I found to be hilarious but Mom and Vinny both found to be a nightmare. Mom was so upset about it she didn't even get the camera out. He also has to have eye drops for 10 days which Mom says is like wrestling a very small, very strong monkey. Mom took him for a follow-up on Friday and they said everything looked great, and she has to take him back to the vet in about a week to get the sutures out of his eyes.


This past weekend Mom's friend Valarie came to visit from Milwaukee. But she was a slacker yet again and didn't take many pictures (of us anyway). But here is my favorite. Look what a weirdo my FOSTER brother is:

You can see my gaze of judgment in the background.

He slept in this position for 20 minutes. He couldn't even blame it on pain medicine. This was about 7 hours after his dose (he got pain meds every 12 hours for the first 5 days).

Valarie brought us Nylabones AND chicken bouillon cubes - she boils her crazy dog Sue Ellen's bones with them! Genius! Of course Mom has been too lazy to try it yet.

OK, that's all for now. Mom isn't feeling very good - she says it's allergies - I say it's probably because Vinny passed on some kind of liver or eye disease to her. I'm convinced he's contagious.

Later friends!

Monday, September 19, 2011

More Company & Vinny Causing More Trouble...

Mom's friend Veronica came to visit us from Kansas City this past weekend. Mom says we are in the middle of "A Lot of Company Stretch"... Grandma & Grandpa & Trey last weekend, Mom's friend Veronica this past weekend, and Mom's friend Valarie (that crazy dog Sue Ellen-Who-Looks-Like-Carol-Channing's mom) this coming weekend! I like company. Company is so much more fun than my Mom is.

And "Fun" to me is usually just doing this. Here I am on Veronica's lap. She is cozy.

Veronica took this picture of Mom & Vinny. He's so lame. But Mom loves this picture because Vinny never lets her hold him. But for some reason that day he just went limp & let her rub his chest forever.

Me, on the other hand - I mean, I look super cool here on Mom's lap. I look slim & trim, don't I? DON'T I???

Why does Vinny always have to be hanging around when I am just trying to enjoy my Mom's lap??

Of course it wasn't all good. As usual, when company comes to visit, I always end up left at home for some reason. You might have guessed based on Mom's history, that it's September and that means it's winery season. (Actually any season is winery season for My Mom The Wino.) So they left us all day on Saturday!

Mom's usual winery crew including Uncle Michael.

Some of Uncle Michael's friends joined them this time.

Yes. That is my Mom drinking wine out of a rubber duckie. They are super mature.

Anyway. Mom woke up yesterday (Sunday) and saw something strange on the corner of Vinny's eye. It was a red bump. She thought it was weird and I did too. I told her she should call the vet. Because I was really worried about Vinny.

HA! That's so not true and you almost fell for it! I wasn't worried about Vinny AT ALL!! But Mom was still worried about him this morning, and luckily she had the day off from work so she took him to the vet.

Red bump and swollen.

Vinny at the vet (note his left eye)

Turns out, they said they needed to keep him overnight and do surgery first thing tomorrow morning. The dr. said that he has what would be the human equivalent of "sties" on his eyes - 4 more even showed up while they were at the vet (or maybe before but Mom hadn't seen them) including one on the inside of his eyelid. They have to lance them open tomorrow under anesthesia so that they don't break open and cause infection. This might be the reason he's had really, really gross white eye boogers for about a month now. They don't know what has caused it, maybe an allergic reaction of some kind.

Mom said she cried when she left him and he was very sad too. She left his fleece blanket from SEPRA with him so hopefully he would know she is coming back.

Once again, Vinny causing trouble. He's such a pest.

But I miss him. I must admit. Only to you guys though, not to my Mom (Mom you aren't reading this, are you?? You are only supposed to be typing, not listening!). Mom did something super nice for me though because I was searching the house for Vinny when she got home. Since Vinny can't have fun-foods, Mom gave me a pork & sweet potato rawhide tonight since he wasn't here to be jealous. Hank's mom brought these to me when she & Hank came to visit!


Later, friends!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


As I said last week, we had visitors this past weekend! Guess who? ... I'll wait ... That's right! Grandma, Grandpa, and my best friend Trey!

Things got off to a promising start on Saturday morning. Trey was eating eggs. We waited patiently.

We didn't get any eggs. Hmph. Grandma even offered to scramble us an egg but Mom said no because of Vinny's strict diet. Hmph again. But we did get some treats, so it was a trade-off.

Once again, we lost our case when we begged to go to the Cardinals game. We got stuck staying at home with Grandpa and Stupid Jack the Jerk.

Uncle Michael and Trey. I think Trey looks sad because I'm not there.

And clearly my Mom was super sad too.

Jack was his usual crybaby-self while Mom, Uncle Michael, Trey and Grandma were at the game. He sat and stared at the door for an hour. Then he got on the love seat and stared out the window for an hour. He has serious issues. So he was happy when Uncle Michael came back.


Trey was eating some potato chips so Vinny & I made ourselves comfortable, just in case.

Mom, stop with the flashes, if you distract me and cause me to miss a crumb I will be very mad!

Then Grandma ate her leftovers from their lunch on The Hill that day, so we made ourselves comfortable again. (Top Secret: she gave us each a piece of pasta!! That's why Grandma is always my favorite.)

Sunday morning, everyone woke up at the crack of dawn again thanks to Grandpa. So I lounged around with Trey waiting for some eggs (which I didn't get again!).

They had to leave that day and I was sad.

Me and my best friend.

I was so sad I just had to lay down.

Grandpa, me and my BFF.

Then Vinny had to come and butt in to the picture.

Vinny tried to be BFF's with Trey but it didn't work. I will always be Trey's #1 pug!

That's all for now! Later, friends!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some People are Coming to Visit...

...And we had to get baths tonight and everything!

Mom even (tried to) put clean sheets on the pull-out love seat.

Well I'm sure you all know what that meant for us puggies. Clean sheets mean it is war/play-time! Play-time for me, war for Vinny. See, Vinny isn't that bright. He thinks the sheets are attacking him as Mom struggles to get them on the bed. He growls and whines and fights them. I just think they're super fun to burrow under and then maybe even take a nap, thus rendering Mom's efforts to get them on the bed useless. When Vinny growls, I get angry. I break out my best UFC moves on him. Mom says she wishes she had her video going on her camera because we got a little crazy.

We'll be sure to tell you who our visitors were next week! (Hint: one of them likes to feed me food out of the refrigerator, and one of them likes to give me belly rubs and sing my name to me, and one of them says he doesn't like little indoor dogs but he is obviously a big liar, and all three of them never take me to Cardinals games with them - but I am going to try my hardest to make that change on Saturday!)

Later, friends!

Friday, September 2, 2011

What a Week

This week has SUCKED! Mom decided to do something ludicrous and have some guys come over and tear our house apart! (Mom's note: just a little house renovation.) These guys showed up on Monday and came at the crack of dawn every day this week and you know what that meant? Vinny and I were banished to the basement! And they made such a racket! But Mom says it's all over now and we don't have to go to the basement ANY. MORE. Whew. I hate it down there! I make Mom carry me down the stairs and then I squeal like I'm being tortured on every step. Stupid Vinny just runs down there on his own like he's going to a carnival. I was at my wits' end! Not only that but they were working in our bedroom so we had to sleep on the pull-out love seat and Vinny even fell off one night! I mean, I laughed of course, but I am ready to sleep in my own big fluffy bed tonight for the first time since last Saturday!

Last week, Mom's friends Kyle and Paul and Paul's girlfriend Mae came over. See, Mom is super challenged when it comes to house stuff and even more challenged when it comes to lawn stuff. So she has a rotation of friends (and Uncle Michael) who mow our lawn for us.

They hung out for a long time and played with Vinny & me. (Too long according to Mom the next morning when she had to go to work... I don't understand why... but she said she didn't feel very good after that late night... Hmmmmmmm...)

You might remember Kyle from our housewarming party last year. Kyle made fun of me and said that I didn't even "look real," and then lo and behold (like they all do), he pretty much fell in love with me...although he still won't admit it out loud. As you can see, nothing has changed.

There was no room on Kyle's lap for Vinny. HA! You lose Vinny!

Paul likes us a lot too. He & Mae have a Japanese Chin at home named Yogi and Mom says he is almost as cute as a pug. ALMOST.

This is Yogi. He has horns. I don't think he is cute at ALL. His mom Mae calls him "The Prancing Outlaw." PS I'm glad my hair isn't long enough for people to put horns on me.

Mom says Paul is like a big kid, and he even has a big idea of making a reality show about us and pitching it to TLC. It will be called "Two Pugs, Endless Hugs" and he made up a theme song and everything. I don't know about that. I don't want Vinny & I to end up like those Gosselin kids needing therapy for the rest of our lives.

Paul is kind of crazy. In a good way of course!

Uncle Michael even stopped by for a little while.

Me and my day-glo eyes.

Vinny was all up in Kyle's face giving him kisses. (He has a real licking problem. He licks Mom non-stop.) Kyle clearly does not like Vinny as much as he likes me. But who does?

And here is a really embarrassing picture with Paul that Mom gave me a treat in exchange for allowing her to post. It is not my best angle.

On that note, I am going to bed now. I don't know what Mom & Vinny are doing, but I'm going to bed.

Later, friends!
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