Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Change is Gonna Come

Vito's Mom here. Vito's at home napping so I thought I could sneak in this post without him knowing about it.

I broke the news to the adoption coordinator yesterday that I want to keep Colonel! She is always sad when foster parents keep their foster pugs (Foster Failures!) because then she loses foster homes. But she was very understanding and said as long as I keep being her volunteer coordinator, she is happy. :) So she is going on vacation until July 11 and we'll use this as a trial period to make sure that I'm sure about Colonel joining our family permanently!

Colonel was neutered yesterday. Poor guy. He broke my heart when I brought him home and he couldn't walk straight, or go up or down the stairs, or jump on the sofa. Yet he refused to lie down and sleep! It was a tiring night for sure! He just refused to close his eyes, even though they were barely open and he was snoring - all while sitting up and staring at me. :)

Vito was a good friend to him and kept him company the few times he would lie down.

Finally around 9pm, he lost steam.

On another subject, I really want to change Colonel's name. I feel guilty doing it because he very much knows his name and responds to it immediately. But I just hate the name - it's hard to spell, and it doesn't go with Vito. I figure this guy is going to hopefully be with me for 12 more years, so I want to like his name. So, I'm asking for your help! I've narrowed down to a handful, please vote in the Comments!

Bugsy (goes with the mobster theme but maybe too cutesy for me?)
Vinny (this was always my first choice but stupid Jersey Shore has ruined it for me!)

I think I am leaning toward Leo...

An added bit of trivia - Vito was born "Curly Joe"! So changing a dog's name can be a very good thing. :)

I'll leave you with a picture of Vito's favorite perch - the ottoman.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm back, people! I just shoved my way on to the laptop so that Mom wouldn't try to write my blog herself AGAIN. I have had it up to HERE with her!

So she agreed to let me write this post provided that I agree to update you on The Colonel. He went to the vet on Saturday and all looked pretty good. He had some ticks, which totally grossed Mom & me out that she hadn't found those in two days! And then they got the results of his poop test, and he has whip worms! Mom says someone must have been keeping him outside a lot. That made me ALMOST feel bad for him. But the treatment is pretty easy, just a long drawn out series of powder in his food. I may try to steal some of it - I wonder if it tastes good. Sounds like extra food to me...

What kind of crap is this??

Colonel found two pillows under the end table, and Mom just let him chew on them!! She would NEVER let me do that!

She said she was going to throw them away anyway.

And then she reminded me that I should be grateful he was humping those pillows instead of me. Alright. Point taken.

One good thing about Colonel is that I stole his Milkbone star and I was able to chew on it for almost a day before I ripped it open!!

For two whole days Mom left the belly band off of him and he didn't pee in the house at all! But this morning he peed ON MY CRATE!!! And then he did it again tonight! Oh MAN. NOT the right way to start out with me, buddy!!!

Mom has been throwing it in my face that he seems to be some kind of mutant pug and doesn't even shed. Now I know she is crazy.

But we've been getting along really great, we don't even wrestle and annoy Mom like Louie & I did. Mom says that we "co-exist."

Mom would tell you that she caught me resting my chin on Colonel but that I lifted it when I heard the camera. SHE WOULD BE LYING!

Which leads me to the title of this post. Mom doesn't think that I know anything, or that I speak English and overhear her on the phone. But I do and I have!!! I have heard her talking about KEEPING COLONEL. I KNOW!!!! She just has to rob a bank or something to come up with his adoption fee. I told her to go right ahead and do that and land herself in jail, then I'll go live somewhere else that feeds me people food and Colonel can go... well I don't care where Colonel goes!

The Colonel

Colonel's getting his manhood snipped tomorrow, so I guess I'll have to keep being nice to him for a little while longer...

Later friends!

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Colonel Has Arrived!

Vito's mom here! And BOY IS THE COLONEL CUTE!!!

Hello, my name is Colonel, nice to meet you!

Vito getting to know The Colonel.

Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi!!!

I drove a little over an hour last night to pick him up. He is positively precious. He and Vito are getting along just fine, if you can believe that. Sure, last night Vito tried his hardest to annoy Colonel, but things are much calmer today.

Colonel's first Shut Up Stick!

He was a big fan.

Yes, I have called them both by the wrong name since he arrived.

Don't worry, Vito got a Shut Up Stick too!

Sweet Baby Bear.

...And Colonel still enjoying his...

He looks absolutely perfect. What a looker! We go to the vet tomorrow for shots and work-up, and then hope to get him neutered early next week. And my fingers are crossed that the neuter has an effect on the marking - as he has now peed through the only 3 belly bands I have! They are currently drying on the back porch. ;)

He's not a fan of the Belly Band - especially this one that is too big. ;)

I think he's happy to be here! And I am thrilled to have him! I'm sure Vito will weigh in with his opinion on that soon.

More updates to come!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Today is my FOURTH BARKDAY!!! Mom had to work so I waited alllllll day for her to come home and give me some loot. She didn't disappoint! I mean, I didn't get a cake, and I didn't get her to agree to not go pick up Colonel tomorrow, and I didn't get a Big Wheel like I asked for - but I DID NOT have to wear one of those crazy birthday hats! So it's cool.

Birthday Watermelly!

Who needs cake when you have watermelly? Scrumptious!

Good to the last drop!

Woops, I think I got some on Mom's brand new kitchen rug. Oh well. Whatever.

There's more right?

I'll wait.

Then I'll move over here and wait some more.

Then I'll tuck my top lip in and look intimidating. I know there are some presents in this house.

Brand new baseball Nylabone!

Oh it smells delicious.

Birthday Pterodactyl! I knew she would cave and get me a stuffed toy!

I will tear open this beak if it kills me.

Just surrender now, friend.

Oh dinosaur, I loved you so much. I'm sorry I ripped you open in 5 minutes and now you are in the trash.

Thanks Mom!

Thanks for the presents and the watermelly, Mom!!! Now let's just enjoy our last night together before HE moves in tomorrow.

Note from Mom: Thank you for being born, Baby Bear, and thank you for finding your way to me. I love you more than I can ever put in to words.

Vito's first Gotcha Day at home 12/12/09

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Mom is a Big Fat Liar

After Pippa got so sick and left us, my Mom promised me she wasn't going to foster again. Well you know what? She is a BIG FAT LIAR!! Because guess what. This guy is coming to stay with us next week.

His name is Colonel. He's three years old and some people brought him to the shelter where Pippa's mom volunteers. Well you know my Mom, she just couldn't say no. Great, juuuuuust GREAT!!!

With a name like Colonel, I hope he doesn't think that means he gets to be the boss of me!!

And I'm turning four years old next Wednesday, Mom better not try to pass this fella off as a birthday present. Because I won't stand for it!! Or sit for it, for that matter.

I must escape before next week. I will need assistance and possibly a place to stay once I figure out my route. I am thinking Indianapolis sounds nice.

Later friends.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spaghetti Tuesday!

Alright, people. I'm going to let you in on a secret. Sometimes my Mom actually DOES give me food. And my very favorite is Spaghetti!!! Mom always lets me lick the plate so I get really excited as soon as I smell that sauce cookin'!


Pippa Update: her Mom said she is down to a steroid pill every other day, and she is doing better, but the limp comes back if she gets too active. It's still a big improvement though, and they are keeping a close eye on her. Her mom says she'll probably be a lazy puggie, as evidenced below!

That's Pippa with her brothers! I'd like to get in on that pug pile!!

Later friends!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Letter from Louie!

I got a big surprise in the mail yesterday! It was from my old friend Louie. And it wasn't just a letter, but presents too!!! I love presents. We're going to share it with you!

Dear Vito,
How are you? I am fine. Actually, I'm doing great! I have a new brother. His name is Jonah. He has some super sweet toys! (But I'm not supposed to play with them, so I don't tell anyone about my secret stash.)

How is Jack? What stupid things has he done lately? My mom says I have relatives in Nibraska (wherever that is) and we're going to visit them in a few weeks. My uncle Frodo is a Boston Terrier. My dad says he licks the air nonstop. Weird. My cousin Otis is also a Boston Terrier. He's so hyper that he doesn't take naps during the day. What kind of dog doesn't like to sleep?! I'm sure it'll be a good trip, though, because my Oma (that's what we call her) cooks a LOT, and I've been told she drops scraps. I will try to save some to mail to you later.

My mom said you are getting a foster sister. She said we should make fleece rope toys for you and Pippa, so I helped her make some. Yours is the one with blue in it and Pippa's has pink in it (because she's a girl - duh). If she doesn't end up liking rope toys, you can mail it back to me so I can have it you can have hers (my mom made me change that). Or you can give it to that girl with the dumb Carol Channing haircut. Or Jack (tee hee hee). I hope you like them. I added some slobber. You're welcome.

Well, I hope we can have a play date sometime. My mom says you miss me. Your mom told her that. You're a big softy after all! Well, I miss you, too. Thank you for being my foster brother and friend.

Pugs and kisses,

PS Please give your mom snuggles from me!

And here's what he sent me!!

I think it made Mom as happy as it did me.

Pippa Update: I think maybe your prayers worked because Pippa is doing great! Her mom said she even walked to the pond today and chased a duck! She is still on steroid pills and they seem to be doing the trick for now. We all just hope that she doesn't relapse again once they ween her off of the pills. Fingers crossed for sweet Pippa. She's still sleeping a lot, but the fact that she's walking and eating and drinking is great news. Her mom and dad are prepared to take her to the specialist if she goes downhill again. We all hope that she was just faking it to get back to her real mom and dad! ;)

Here's a picture that her mom sent my mom!

Later friends!
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