Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm back, people! I just shoved my way on to the laptop so that Mom wouldn't try to write my blog herself AGAIN. I have had it up to HERE with her!

So she agreed to let me write this post provided that I agree to update you on The Colonel. He went to the vet on Saturday and all looked pretty good. He had some ticks, which totally grossed Mom & me out that she hadn't found those in two days! And then they got the results of his poop test, and he has whip worms! Mom says someone must have been keeping him outside a lot. That made me ALMOST feel bad for him. But the treatment is pretty easy, just a long drawn out series of powder in his food. I may try to steal some of it - I wonder if it tastes good. Sounds like extra food to me...

What kind of crap is this??

Colonel found two pillows under the end table, and Mom just let him chew on them!! She would NEVER let me do that!

She said she was going to throw them away anyway.

And then she reminded me that I should be grateful he was humping those pillows instead of me. Alright. Point taken.

One good thing about Colonel is that I stole his Milkbone star and I was able to chew on it for almost a day before I ripped it open!!

For two whole days Mom left the belly band off of him and he didn't pee in the house at all! But this morning he peed ON MY CRATE!!! And then he did it again tonight! Oh MAN. NOT the right way to start out with me, buddy!!!

Mom has been throwing it in my face that he seems to be some kind of mutant pug and doesn't even shed. Now I know she is crazy.

But we've been getting along really great, we don't even wrestle and annoy Mom like Louie & I did. Mom says that we "co-exist."

Mom would tell you that she caught me resting my chin on Colonel but that I lifted it when I heard the camera. SHE WOULD BE LYING!

Which leads me to the title of this post. Mom doesn't think that I know anything, or that I speak English and overhear her on the phone. But I do and I have!!! I have heard her talking about KEEPING COLONEL. I KNOW!!!! She just has to rob a bank or something to come up with his adoption fee. I told her to go right ahead and do that and land herself in jail, then I'll go live somewhere else that feeds me people food and Colonel can go... well I don't care where Colonel goes!

The Colonel

Colonel's getting his manhood snipped tomorrow, so I guess I'll have to keep being nice to him for a little while longer...

Later friends!


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Vito you might be a two dog household! Um that star looks better to chew on than old pillows anyways.

The Girls

dw said...

Oh wow, Vito! I sure hope you don't run away somewhere else because of the Colonel! You're just too cute!! Give him a chance!

Noodles said...

Vito my pal,
Even if your HuMOM adopts Colonel, you are still the ruler of the roost and he will be your minion. What better position can you be in. Turn on the charm. You'll see what I mean REAL soon.
Love Noodles

Payton said...

Oh, yeah...what Noodles said. Go with trying to have minions...Colonel can do your bidding and you can blame him for the stuff you'd get in trouble for. Hope that helps.

Archie and Melissa said...

hi vito!
oh colonel is so lucky to have you and your mom!
payton is right, if you have another puggy there, you can blame everything on him!
tee hee!
a & m

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