Monday, March 28, 2011


That I was nice to Louie during his recovery.

And this is what Louie thought of the whole "procedure."

Now it's been 3 days since his neuter, and ALL BETS ARE OFF! This kid has been milking it for all it's worth and I've had enough. That being said...I've been getting in trouble a lot...

I say it's a good thing that Louie doesn't need surgery on his soft palette and he is all ready to go up on the SEPRA website for adoption! Mom says she is kind of sad about that but I am ready to get my spot back in bed! Sayonara, Louie!

Later, friends!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Poor Louie Boy

Hi friends! I'm finally back! As you know, someone has moved in to my house. No one asked me if I wanted someone else to move in to my house. But after almost a week of careful consideration, I have decided I guess I am okay with it. I mean, for a little while. We are not talking permanent here. Right, Mom??

I have a lot of opinions about this guy, and I might detail them someday but for tonight I am going to be nice because Louie went through some trauma today that I can, unfortunately, relate to. So tonight, I am being nice to him and not talking any smack, and letting him get lots of rest.

Louie lost his manhood today. Mom tells me that means hopefully he will stop humping me soon. And if that is the case, then I am on board.

Poor Louie Boy, moving slow, post-neuter.

Looking pathetic.

If this doesn't melt your heart then you are dead inside.

Later, friends!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Artist Formerly Known as Hamilton!

You guessed it, Vito is still busy being a cranky old man to his foster brother! So again Mom is taking over this post. Sunday night we talked to the adoption coordinator and she asked if we'd like to keep Hamilton until his adoption, instead of transferring him to another foster home when they have an opening. We said YES! We are really enjoying having him, and I'd hate for him to have to change homes again. She also asked if I'd like to change his name since he hadn't been "officially" registered with the group yet, nor been to the vet. I also said YES to that! Hamilton was really a mouthful, and I just wasn't feeling the Hammy nickname.

So, Hamilton is now LOUIE! He's such a Louie and responded to the name right away. He went to the vet yesterday and we got a lot of information. They think he is about 2 years old - maybe older, but they felt confident saying two, based on the tartar on his teeth. I was really surprised! I thought he was much younger. He weighs 15 pounds, which I was also surprised about, I thought he was less. But my chunky monkey Vito probably skews my perspective!

He is getting neutered on Friday. (And let me tell you, Vito will be very happy for the humping to stop!) The only other concern is his breathing. He has a very hard time breathing, and is very loud, even at rest. When we got home from the vet, it took him about 45 minutes to be able to breathe "normally" (for him). He couldn't breathe without his mouth open, and sounded like a duck. He broke my heart. He was so tired and tried to lay his little chin down but kept having to lift his head to breathe and pant hard through his mouth. Finally he laid on his side to be able to "rest" while panting. The vet thinks he has an elongated soft palette which might require surgery, but he also plans to do an x-ray while doing the neuter to make sure that his trachea is not collapsing.

Wow! A lot of news for little Louie Boy. On another note, Jack came over on Sunday to visit! And this is what happens when you try to quickly take pictures of 3 dogs.

Uncle Michael could wrangle the pugs. The beagle was another story.

And thank you again to all of the other foster parents out there for all of your advice and encouragement! It's a tough job (and I consider myself lucky to have gotten an "easy" pug) and I know the toughest part will be the day he goes to his forever home. But I'm also really excited about it because he is such a great boy and I know we'll find the perfect family for him who will be so happy with him, and vice versa!

And I promise, Vito will be back soon! Later!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 2 of Hamilton's Stay

Vito is still busy, so it's Mom writing again! They are doing great together, Hamilton is a sweetpea, and Vito is like his crotchety, older, fatter, lazier brother. I know I joke a lot about Vito being lazy, but I never really believed he was. Hamilton on the other hand? Always busy! And he doesn't like to sleep as late as we do either. ;) And double the pugs means double the shedding so we have some very fashionable sheets and blankets covering the furniture for now!

I went out today and got a fattier food for him to put some weight on - also a problem I'm not familiar with! Vito eats grain-free to keep the weight off. Odd to be trying to put the weight ON a pug! So we also got some Beggin' Strips. ;)

I couldn't only buy food, so they got some new toys as well. Vito is pretty happy about this arrangement because he got a new rope toy too!

And last but not least, poor Hammy is now wearing a belly band. He's not one bit happy about it either. Even though he looks freakin' adorable!!

Thanks to all of you other foster parents for the advice! What a great thing we have here in Blogger Land. Later!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Surprise! Meet Hamilton...

Vito's mom here! Vito is busy so I thought I'd take over this post. What is he doing, you ask? Well, he's playing with his new (temporary) foster brother, Hamilton!

Hamilton was found wandering in a St. Louis suburb last week with a collar but no tags. SEPRA didn't have any available foster homes, and I've been wanting to start fostering, so Hamilton is the perfect trial run! We'll just be keeping him until a "real" foster home opens up, maybe up to a few weeks. I plan to start for "real" in June if this goes well!

I picked up Hamilton this morning from the sister of the woman who found him. He was living there with her and her 2 pugs & 1 Boston! She said he was doing great with them so I was confident he would do well with Vito too!

Hamilton (blue collar): "Hello Vito, nice to meet you."

Vito "meeting" Hamilton (Hamilton in front)

He is a TEENY boy! We aren't sure of his age but I am guessing less than a year, and his ribs are visible. I think he weighs about 10-12 pounds. I can easily pick him up with one hand - not possible with Mr. Vito! He's not neutered so he's having a great time marking all over the house, which, if you know anything about Vito, is not good for me! They've been having marking wars all day.

Vito was very excited to meet him. He pushed him around a little at first because of the size difference, but Hamilton quickly started holding his own and now they are really playing instead of Vito just throwing around his weight!

Vito: "Who are you and what are you doing here??"

Hamilton is SUCH a cuddlebug. Very lovey and LOTS of kisses, which I'm not used to. Vito isn't much for kissing!

Hamilton meets Silent George.

My first thought when I met him was how much he looked like a piranha! An adorable piranha, I mean.

He might need some braces when he is a teenager.

His nose is VERY flat, with a big underbite. Makes him a loud breather, even at rest!

I hope to return to regularly scheduled posts by Vito as soon as we all get settled in!

Friday, March 11, 2011


I don't want you all to think that stuffed toys are my only guilty pleasure. Because lately I've found something else that is equally as delicious!

Let go, Mom! This is mine! I know it is your snuggly extra-large Cardinals blanket (Go Cards!) that Aunt Stacy gave you for your birthday, but that was then, and this is now. Now it is my chew toy!

Ignore that stupid Nylabone in the background, who wants a Nylabone when you have a delicious BLANKET instead??

Too bad, lady!

Later, friends!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras is kind of a big deal in St. Louis. Mom usually goes to a neighborhood called Soulard and celebrates there. But this year she decided she is old and would much rather celebrate in a nice warm bar and then have a party at our new house! I was totally on board with her decision.

Her friends Veronica from Kansas City and Summer from Mom's hometown came to stay with us for the weekend. I got all kinds of attention from those two! Veronica even brought me a long skinny stuffed bear, you know, because my second name is Baby Bear.

Oh Mr. Long Skinny Bear, you are delicious!!

Well you know my history with stuffed toys. This guy lasted a lot longer than most though - almost the whole night passed before I had him ripped open!

Full disclosure: the only reason Mr. Long Skinny Bear lasted as long as he did was because I was busy most of the night, doing this:

Veronica and Summer were helping Mom make pinwheels and jambalaya Friday night before the party on Saturday.

I was simply hoping for something to drop.

Just keeping Summer and her sandwich company.

Well I bet you know what happened after that. I made myself comfortable and gave my best Sad Pug Face.

Summer was not as familiar with the Sad Pug Face as Mom is, and she certainly wasn't prepared for the Sad Pug Face Resting Chin On Your Foot, so guess what? I WON! Another victory for Vito. That's right, Mom! Summer gave me some sandwich!!!

Later friends!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our New Nightlight!

We've been wanting a nightlight from Melissa & Emmitt for a long time now. And we decided what better way for us to remember Emmitt than buy our nightlight in his honor?

Melissa is so fast that it's already here! Isn't it cute??? It's in our bathroom!

I must say the spokesmodel is pretty cute too. That would be me of course.

Now every time we see it we will think of our friend Emmitt. Thank you, Melissa!!!

Later, friends!
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