Saturday, April 23, 2011


Crazy times around here! Uncle Michael went to San Diego on Wednesday morning, so Jack came to stay with us on Tuesday night. My house has been crowded and I didn't like it one bit!!

But even I have to admit that Jack was on really good behavior.

I still really didn't trust him at first...

But he won me over...

Well, my Mom would probably disagree with my good behavior assessment since she came home from work on Wednesday and Jack has moved his whole crate across her bedroom (from inside!) and torn up her bedskirt (again, from inside! He chewed a head sized hole in his crate a long time ago). Louie and I were in our crates in the living room behaving like little angels.

Mom felt bad for Jack though and wasn't mad at him. He missed his dad. I get it. And he hates his crate anyway but Mom thought she needed to crate him since Louie & I were crated. Well she did a re-do on Thursday and Friday and let him roam (in his Thunder Shirt!) & put us in our crates in her bedroom and he did a good job. Yes, folks, that is me, acknowledging that Jack did a good job. I know he was sad so I was easy on him and he was pretty easy on me (and Louie too).

Mom said this is too many dogs on the sofa.

Louie looking, I mean, what? Who is writing this? Louie looking like a total nerd.

Uncle Michael was supposed to fly back in to St. Louis last night but you might have heard that we had some bad weather here last night and the airport got shut down! Mom & Louie & Jack & I were all fine because nothing hit where we live in the City, but the airport got a direct tornado hit! So Uncle Michael got stranded in Dallas on a layover. He finally got a flight to Kansas City this morning and then took a shuttle to Columbia, MO and then rode to St. Louis with a guy he met in the Dallas airport. He got back to St. Louis today around 4pm (he only slept an hour since Thursday!) and went to pick up his car from the airport. Most of his car windows were busted out from the tornado. Uncle Michael is not happy. But he's home now sleeping for a day or so with Jack. And I know Jack is happy about that!!

On another note, Mom wants to tell you all to get yourselves to Urban Outfitters STAT and buy this t-shirt. You know, because she is a Crazy Pug Lady and apparently everyone else should be too.

Later friends!

PS Note from Vito's Mom: We do Louie's home visit on Tuesday. Fingers crossed that all goes well and I handle this whole thing like a grown up! :) THANK YOU ALL for your kind words on my last post.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"They Need Him More Than You Do..."


Vito's Mom here. I had to take over this post (much to Vito's protest of course). Louie has been with us for a month now. It is safe to say that I am in love with him. There have been a lot of different emotions during his stay with us. Vito has been jealous, has misbehaved, and has been downright mean to Louie. I've felt guilty and sad for Vito because he doesn't understand who Louie is, why he is here, and why he doesn't have 100% of my attention all the time. I've felt bad for Louie because of the bully pushing him around (although let me assure you, he's always protected by me!). It's been an adjustment also having two pugs - harder for walks, harder for traveling, harder for feeding, etc. But of course there have also been a lot of good times, playing, wrestling, and later on, even snuggling between them (which I was convinced would never happen!).

Vito on the right

Waiting for treats

Now, Louie is officially up for adoption and we have had several applications for him, most of them coming from many states away. I cried when we received the first application from Georgia (we live in St. Louis). I didn't know I would react that way - but I couldn't control it. At that point, I wasn't even sure that I was attached to him. But the tears just came when I saw the address. I couldn't stand the thought of not personally seeing his home, and knowing I would never, ever see him again. And that was the moment that I knew I WAS attached and there was no going back from that. I couldn't give him to "just anyone." It was going to have to be someone who was better than him living with ME (and Vito). We moved on from that app (& I'm told a local pug was found for that family) and several more followed. This week though we got some good local apps. One great one in particular. They had two Boston Terriers, brothers - one who passed away last year at 13 years old, and one who just passed away two weeks ago.

References are being checked, a phone interview was done by the adoption coordinator (and they passed with flying colors!) and the home visit will come soon. I have cried so many times already, and can't seem to stop snuggling Louie every chance I get (very much noticed by Vito!). I can't even think about the day I actually have to leave him with his new family.

It's only been one month that I've known this teeny little boy! The point of this post is to say THANK YOU to all of you foster families who do this over & over, for much longer time periods than I am going to end up having Louie. And often for pugs with medical or behavioral or emotional (especially those poor babies who were puppy mill breeders), potty, etc. issues. Louie has been a dream in all respects! I told myself when I decided to foster that I would be able to do it because it is so necessary for all of the pugs out there who need help - I would be able to let one go because another one would need me. But I don't think that is the case. I am not strong enough for this. Looking in his little eyes, with his eager face & hugs & kisses that just tell me he loves me SO much - I don't know how to let him go. I am not strong enough to let them go, and I am not strong enough to disrupt Vito's life over and over with pugs coming and going. He doesn't like it, despite the sometime-snuggling. ;)

And despite the look on his face here!

The title of this post came from a conversation with my Mom last night as I told her about the potential family, and their lost Bostons, and how hard it is going to be for me. She said "You just have to know, they need him more than you do. They've lost their boys that they had for so long, they need him. You love him, but you don't. You have Vito."

Vito Marino

And that's what I'll remember the day I give him up. And Vito and I will go on. I haven't 100% ruled out fostering again, especially if there was an emergency situation, or a special circumstance, but I am just not sure I can do it again.

I will miss you SO much little Louie Boy. But I am excited for your new forever family and for the undivided love and attention they will give you, without Mr. Vito Jealous Pants getting in your way!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good...

I would just like to state for the record that my Mom came up with that ridiculous title. It could not be further from the truth.

Mom wants me to tell everyone thanks for their sympathy when Great-Grandma Ruby passed away last week. We had a nice, but sad, visit home. Everyone said how happy they are that she isn't in pain anymore and now she is with Great-Grandpa Gardner. Here are some pictures of Great-Grandma Ruby and her family taken in 2007.

Great-Grandma Ruby and my Grandpa Jim and his sisters. Grandpa's sisters took care of her every single day and night for over a year because she didn't want to leave her house. They did the same for Great-Grandpa Gardner for almost 3 years before he passed away in 2005.

Great-Grandma Ruby and her grandkids (that's my Mom in the hot pink)

Great-Grandma Ruby and the whole family - spouses and great-grandkids (I was only about 4 weeks old, that's the only reason I wasn't in this picture as her great-grandpug)

Stupid Jack was there too but even he was on his best behavior. I know I've told you guys what a jerk Jack is. Well not only is he a world-class jerk but apparently he has some "mental problems" too. Enter: The Thunder Shirt!

Jack had been inexplicably pooping in Uncle Michael's house and he even tore open the door in the kitchen that holds the food, while Uncle Michael was at work. Uncle Michael started crating him but he chewed through his crate and even moved it in to another room by himself! Apparently he misses Uncle Michael REALLY bad when he's gone, and the people at the store where Mom gets my chow told them that he has "Separation Anxiety." So now he wears this super nerdy looking thing that looks like a wool top coat to me. But it works! Now he acts like a normal dog (and he didn't try to eat me once!).

Don't you think he needs a monocle to go with that top coat?

I got to hang out with Grandpa and Trey too.

They tried to give me lots of food (Grandma too!) but MOM and UNCLE MICHAEL denied them every time! I don't know how much longer I can go on with these people. They are clearly abusive.

I could not be bothered to look at the camera because there was bacon being cooked in the kitchen!!

Louie went and stayed at another foster home while we were gone (they have 6 pugs - 3 of their own and 3 fosters!). SUPPOSEDLY when Mom picked him up, they told her that he was an "angel" and could not have been a better pug. I FIND THIS VERY HARD TO BELIEVE!! I think Mom is making stuff up just so that I will feel guilty and behave better or something. She is sly, that one. They even told Mom that Louie made a new BFF while he was there. You can see his picture here. I'm glad he did because I don't want him telling anyone that I am his BFF!

We got home on Saturday but didn't pick up Louie until Sunday. Now, I will DENY THIS TO MY DYING DAY TO ANYONE ELSE, but I feel like I can trust you all to keep it on the DL. When we got home on Saturday and Louie wasn't there, I looked EVERYWHERE for him. I searched high and low, and then I just laid around feeling sad for the rest of the night.

OK, I feel better now that I have been able to admit that to someone. Moving on!

Yep, Louie's still here. I wish he would go away. Mmm-hmmm. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Later, friends!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shut Up Sticks for Everyone!

It's really awesome when you get rewarded for "being bad." Lucky for me (and for Louie) "being bad" sometimes just means - "wrestling around like crazy while usually ON Mom's lap." So Louie was introduced to my favorite thing - the Shut Up Stick.

I think he liked it.

And you KNOW I liked it!!!

Sad news, Mom's grandma (my great-grandma) passed away so she & I will be going to Southern Missouri tomorrow (along with Uncle Michael and Stupid Jack). Another foster mom is going to come and pick up Louie tomorrow morning but we'll be coming back on Saturday and picking him up. I am having feelings that I don't understand. I THINK... I might actually... MISS HIM while we're gone??? No, surely not.

We'll be back soon! Later, friends!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alright, Alright...

Louie is growing on me...

But ONLY when I'm too tired to fight it. I swear.

And now Louie modeling his bandana. I like this picture - it reminds me that he isn't staying here forever!!

Later, friends!
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