Saturday, April 23, 2011


Crazy times around here! Uncle Michael went to San Diego on Wednesday morning, so Jack came to stay with us on Tuesday night. My house has been crowded and I didn't like it one bit!!

But even I have to admit that Jack was on really good behavior.

I still really didn't trust him at first...

But he won me over...

Well, my Mom would probably disagree with my good behavior assessment since she came home from work on Wednesday and Jack has moved his whole crate across her bedroom (from inside!) and torn up her bedskirt (again, from inside! He chewed a head sized hole in his crate a long time ago). Louie and I were in our crates in the living room behaving like little angels.

Mom felt bad for Jack though and wasn't mad at him. He missed his dad. I get it. And he hates his crate anyway but Mom thought she needed to crate him since Louie & I were crated. Well she did a re-do on Thursday and Friday and let him roam (in his Thunder Shirt!) & put us in our crates in her bedroom and he did a good job. Yes, folks, that is me, acknowledging that Jack did a good job. I know he was sad so I was easy on him and he was pretty easy on me (and Louie too).

Mom said this is too many dogs on the sofa.

Louie looking, I mean, what? Who is writing this? Louie looking like a total nerd.

Uncle Michael was supposed to fly back in to St. Louis last night but you might have heard that we had some bad weather here last night and the airport got shut down! Mom & Louie & Jack & I were all fine because nothing hit where we live in the City, but the airport got a direct tornado hit! So Uncle Michael got stranded in Dallas on a layover. He finally got a flight to Kansas City this morning and then took a shuttle to Columbia, MO and then rode to St. Louis with a guy he met in the Dallas airport. He got back to St. Louis today around 4pm (he only slept an hour since Thursday!) and went to pick up his car from the airport. Most of his car windows were busted out from the tornado. Uncle Michael is not happy. But he's home now sleeping for a day or so with Jack. And I know Jack is happy about that!!

On another note, Mom wants to tell you all to get yourselves to Urban Outfitters STAT and buy this t-shirt. You know, because she is a Crazy Pug Lady and apparently everyone else should be too.

Later friends!

PS Note from Vito's Mom: We do Louie's home visit on Tuesday. Fingers crossed that all goes well and I handle this whole thing like a grown up! :) THANK YOU ALL for your kind words on my last post.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

You have shared so much love with Louie, now it is time for Louie to love his new family,, with all the love that you gave him

Wilma said...

Happy Easter to you Jack and Louie. Just think, soon Louie may have run of a human just like you do. Isn't that all we could hope for, for a friend?

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Hey Jack was a good that is great news. You look happy sitting with him and yeah um Louie totally looked "nerdy" there in tha picture. We were wondering if you guys wee ok after the strom. Sorry to hear that your Uncles car took a beating in th tornado. Stay safe out there!!!


Hank said...

1. Glad to hear the boys are getting along! (Love the pics of Vito and Jack on the couch.)

2. Sorry about your bro's car windows!

3. Just THIS weekend, a friend bought me that very shirt - same color!

4. Can't wait to hear how the home visit goes. I know you'll be just fine!

Kitty+Coco said...

Well, have to say we are happy AND sad the home visit is really going to happen.
We often take over the couch and leave little room for our humans. Add a stinky butt into that, and we have it all to ourselves (FYI).
MUST have that shirt.
That stinks about your Uncle's windows. Boo.
Jack looks pretty sweet..I guess he is pardoned for his bed skirt eating sin.

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