Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prayers for Pippa

Vito's mom here. You might not realize this but sometimes Vito struggles with the English language and Mom doesn't have the patience to translate for him right now to tell Pippa's story.

Pippa arrived on Thursday night (my birthday!). She is a sweet, beautiful girl!

She was very happy!

Her temporary foster mom, Stacey, brought her up from Southern MO, where she had rescued her from a shelter. She had been living with Stacey for 11 days and was doing great! She was very scared and sad at first but had really started to come out of her shell and was just an angel. It was very sad to see them say goodbye. Stacey had strongly considered keeping her but she has 3 pugs of her own and wanted Pippa to have her own family because she seemed so perfect.

Vito of course did his best to be super obnoxious when she arrived! Barking and squealing, his favorite way to welcome people or dogs. :) So we went outside and let them get out their energy and get to know each other.

Look at that beautiful coat of chocolate brown under the black.

We came back inside and Pippa made herself comfortable on the couch, where she stayed most of the night. Early on, Vito realized she wasn't much for playing, so he pretty much left her alone for the remainder of her stay. That night I did notice that she seemed to have a bit of a limp, but I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was - it was actually more of a "head-bob" while walking than a limp on any of her legs. I planned to keep a close eye on it.

She wasn't interested in her rope toy which should have been a sign.

But she seemed to become comfortable and content.

Friday morning, Pippa was still keeping to herself for the most part, which I thought just meant that she was sad. She hated to be picked up, but I also thought that was just from possibly having been a breeder, and not understanding people-love. She wouldn't eat but I thought her tummy was just upset. She slept a lot, but I was in touch with Stacey and that seemed normal. As the day went on, and the more trips we went on outside for potty, she was moving slower and slower. Around 4pm, she had diarrhea, and that was the last time she went potty at all for me. I finally got her to eat some wet food out of my hand. By about 6pm, the limp was pronounced. By about 8pm, when I would make her stand up, she was holding up her left front leg. In between all of this, she was just sleeping.

Vito was honestly concerned about her. He laid on this ottoman by her most of the day.

By 9pm, she wouldn't walk at all. I carried her outside a couple of times to see if she would potty, and she would just lay down in the grass where I put her. She drank only a little bit of water. Late that evening, Stacey and I agreed to meet at the emergency vet's office early Saturday morning.

Precious girl.

Saturday morning, she still wasn't walking. When we got to the vet's office, she would stand briefly but was now holding up both her left front leg, and her back right leg. The vet did x-rays, which came back negative. He was then concerned that this could be something in her brain.

After much deliberation and a few tears, Stacey decided to take Pippa back home with her and get her to a specialist. The vet here gave her a steroid shot, which helped! She was up and walking and eating and drinking! But it didn't last. Sunday the vet called in a steroid pill for her, which had no effect.

Back at home, Pippa woke up in pain early Monday morning, so Stacey took her to her vet in Southern Missouri, where as of last night, she was being kept for more tests and observation. Her vet is also concerned that it may be something in her brain.

Please keep Pippa and Stacey in your prayers. She is just the sweetest thing ever, and Stacey will do everything possible to help her and give her a good quality of life. Hopefully they will find something definitive soon, and that it is treatable. I am happy to know that whatever the outcome, that Pippa is back with her real mom who loves her so much, and who Pippa clearly loves as well.


Hank said...

OMGosh, we certainly hope Pippa will be okay.

And how sweet of Vito to be concerned. :)

Hugs -

Sarah, Hank and Molly

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

We really are pulling here for Pippa she seems like a sweat heart of a pug. Vito is such a great boy sitting near by keeping his eye on her too. Many hugs for all of you.

Payton said...

Hi Vito (and Vito's mom)! Nice to meet you. I can tell already that you are a great puggie guy! So sweet of you to take care of Pippa. My name is Payton. I saw you at The Girls bloggie and just had to stop by. I'm glad I did so I can help add to the prayers for Pippa. I have PDE so I know how scary these kind of things can be. My paws are crossed for her.

Mr. Coco said...

Vito, we'll keep pippa in our prayers. This looks exactly as the symptoms i had before being diagnosed with addisons disease. Please make sure they test for that as well. I hope for the best

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Oh no! Poor miss Pippa. We'll be keeping her in our thoughts!

lotsofpuggies said...

I wonder if it could be a tick borne disease. I hope the vet checks for that

Southern Fried Pugs said...

Pug hugs and prayers for Pippa.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh gina a nd vito
i am so sorry!
i am thinking of all of you and sending pippa all of my love!
she has so many people rooting for her! i know she can feel it!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am rooting for her tooo!

Salinger The Pug said...

Gina....we're so sorry that we're behind with blogging! Ok, just read this entry and am going to the next one and have everything crossed for sweet Pippa Girl!!!!

You are such a good human!


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