Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4 Weeks Since Surgery!

Hey everyone, it's me, Vito. I KNOW! My Mom is actually letting me write my OWN blog.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to say.

Mom says I have to tell you that Vinny's surgery was 4 weeks ago today and he is doing just fine. She tried to take a picture of his scar but he's "uncooperative" - I'm not quite sure what that word means but she says it about me sometimes too. So I'm going to assume it means something very good.

We've been pretty lazy lately. (Well except for feeding time of course...see last post...)

I wish Vinny would get off of my Mom's leg.

Look at Vinny totally copying the exact way that I sleep!!! He is so annoying!

And I went to the groomer on Saturday and she sent me home wearing this totally fruity bandana. I humored Mom for one picture:

Vinny, get all up off my rear!

But this is how I really felt:

That's all I got folks. I gotta return to my regularly scheduled nap, now. Later friends!


Payton said...

Vito, you crack me up! I just LOVE that bandanna...HA! If you can get Vinny to sleep exactly like you then he is really trained. So glad that Vinny is doing so good - make sure to keep us posted on the results. It's been fairly boring around here too so I'll have to get mom to take me over to the Perk or somewhere so we can hang! She's slacking again!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Vita
I guess it can be annoying to have a copy cat brother.
But we are glad he is feeling better anyway

Hank said...

Vito, buddy.....now they say immitation is the sincerest form o' flattery.

An' doncha just HATE it when the groomer puts ya in a frooty bandana???

tubby3pug said...

So glad he is doing good after the surgery

Mia said...

So glad that Vinny is doing so good after surgery!! We've been thinking about him. I don't think your bandana looks fruity! I think you look very handsome!!



Scott said...


Mama likes to put a bandana on me at times as well at least Dada stepped in and got me a cool bandana right in time. Since I see where you live YOU might not particularly like THIS bandana. Check it out:


Take Care,

Salinger The Pug said...

FRUITY!??? Did someone say FRUITY???????

OMG....that bandana is FABULOUS, Vito!!!!!

(snap snap!)


Kitty+Coco said...

WTH with that bandana??! I knew Salinger would love it. They always spray my butt nectar with some fruity mess at the groomer. Strange peoples.
That is awesome that Vinny is doing well. Keep it up dude!


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