Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shopping! Oh yay.

Mom and I went shopping at the Canine Center today. As you can tell she's still putting off this "packing" thing. She forgot to bring her camera to the store though so she tortured me with it when we got home.

I kind of hate shopping. I want to pee on everything in the store and Mom never lets me. (Secret: sometimes when she's really concentrating on something, like today when she was choosing my new collar and lead, I sneak one in!) So I got her back today! While she was busy paying for the goods, I pooped right on the floor! HA! It was a riot! Mom didn't think so but I did! I gave her a big smile as she was saying "Vito! Why did you do that?" Oh it was hilarious!

She bought me two new collars because sadly my Bama collar "sucks" as Mom says every single night when she has to tighten it. And I HATE having my collar taken off! I get all wiggly and mouthy and then I try to chew on it. So we got two new collars today because Mom couldn't decide between the nice argyle and the wine theme. (Hank, please note that I did not pick the wine theme, MY MOM DID! She's kind of a wino. I would prefer a nice Natty Light theme but the Canine Center didn't carry those for some reason.)

I prefer reds myself but she didn't ask my opinion.

The polka dot one is the leash.

Mom made me put on my harness to show her skills at color-coordinating.


Are we really still taking pictures??

Seriously Mom! I'm not looking at you now.

She got me the new non-retractable leash because she is obsessed with Cesar Millan and he doesn't like retractable leashes. I'd like to find this Cesar guy and give him a piece of my mind because the retractable leash lets me get further away from Mom in the yard to do my business in private!

She also got me a new bone but as usual, I haven't played with it. I love messing with her - tricking her in to spending her hard earned money and then not playing with the toys she buys me. It's the best game!

What do you expect me to do with that?

I don't smell any stuffing in here!!

If I don't look at it maybe it will go away.

You'd think she would learn by now that I only want stuffed toys that I can destroy and then eat their innards!

Like this owl that Mom brought home from a baby shower!

Minute two...

Minute three! Mission accomplished!

Later friends! I'm going to make my Mom get busy on the packing tomorrow!


Sequoia & Petunia said...

Vito we like the blue and green collar! Looks great with the harness.

Oh and sneaking in the poop was hilarious!

Sequoia and Tuni

dw said...

Oh Vito! Your new collars are nice! And pooping on the floor when your mom wasn't looking? Priceless!!

Wilma said...

I think your new gear looks great on you. The colors really pop! Next time your Momma wants to go shopping and you don't feel like it. Tell her she can call me.
Pooping on the floor. Too much. Brigitte has pulled that stunt a couple of times.
As for destroying lambies in 3 minutes or under. That is Sluggos specialty!

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