Monday, October 18, 2010

The Worst Weekend Ever! (...Part 1)

It didn't start out so bad. On Thursday my Grandma and my cousin Trey and Trey's Mom came to visit! I was totally psyched! Grandma gave me bologna. Now, it wasn't brisket, but it was still pretty darn good. Mom never gives me good stuff!!

Relaxing with my best friend Trey on Thursday night - when life was still normal.

But then on Friday they left me.

Me looking happy with my BFF before I realized they were about to leave me for 5 hours!!!

Mom said they went shopping but I suspect they were out trying to give me away. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Mom said she got all new furniture! Fantastic! I was super excited to get my fur all over it.

Then Saturday a bunch of people started showing up and taking all of our stuff!! They put me in my crate and I protested loudly the whole time. Mom wasn't doing anything to stop them so I had to bark and whine and even screech a lot to try to make them stop. But then she started helping them! Betrayer!

Then we showed up at this new house and they put all of our stuff in it. I didn't even get to say goodbye to my yard at the apartment! These are the last pictures of me enjoying my old stomping grounds.

Look at me. I was such a fool. I didn't suspect a thing.

The new house has a yard with a fence around it. I am not so sure about it. Mom was convinced I would love it but I still won't leave her side. I'm just confused. I don't have to wear my leash? And I can actually stay out there without Mom? I don't know. For now I'll just keep following her. Maybe someday I'll go outside alone but not just yet. I did meet the neighbors next door and they pretty much freaked out about me. They kept trying to pet me over the fence but I just barked like the good guard dog I am. I also turned in circles a lot but that has little to do with being a guard dog. I just like to turn in circles - it's fun, you should try it.

Ever since we've been here I just walk around the house looking around and wondering when we are going home. Mom keeps telling me this is home but I am not convinced. My tummy has even been hurting because Mom says what has been coming out of me for the last 2 days is pretty gross. She said it looked better this morning - that's because I think I'm finally getting used to things.

I'll keep you all posted about this house. Maybe it will be better when Mom finally gets around to unpacking everything and hanging up pictures of Yours Truly. Oh and when I have a good thin layer of my fur all over my new furniture.

Won't my fur look awesome here??

It will look even better on this green chair!

And on this sleeper love seat! It matches perfectly!

Do you see that pile? Those are all clothes that have nowhere to go because we lost some closet space. This is why Mom is feeling overwhelmed.

Stay tuned because the Worst Weekend Ever didn't end yesterday. Oh no! It got even worse this morning! I'll give you a hint - it starts with a V and ends with a T and it has an E in the middle. I'll also make Mom take some pictures of me trying to enjoy this new fenced-in yard-thingie. Later!

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi gina & Vito!
oh how exciting!
congratulations on your new home!
m & e

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