Thursday, July 7, 2011

Need Advice

Vito's Mom here - hijacking his blog once again! But this time it's not to talk about other pugs, so he's okay with it. ;)

Last week while rubbing on Vito, I felt a bump on his right side, just a little behind his front leg. I didn't think anything of it at first, I thought I had just hit one of his teeny puggie nipples. (Ew.) But then I kept hitting it and finally inspected. It's not a nipple, that's for sure. I decided to keep an eye on it and, as they say with human moles, make sure that it didn't "change." Well it hasn't changed in just a week, but I am concerned enough that I decided tonight to take pictures of it.

I am not soliciting any medical advice, so have no worries that I will sue you if you tell me something wrong! I just wanted to get some opinions and utilize the years of Pug experience that is out there among my Blogger friends. I know I have heard about "skin tags" - but I don't really know what those are or what they look like. I also have heard worse things - like cancer.

And for fear of sounding like a cheapskate, b/c of course I would sell my soul in exchange for Vito's health - I would love to avoid the vet if this looks to anyone like something they have seen before on their puggies?

Note, even though these may look different, all of these pictures were taken within seconds of each other tonight. (I left my fingers in the shot to show size perspective!)

Now, so as to not leave this post completely devoid of cute puggie shots - here is a picture of Vinny and Vito, just chilling in the a/c (and of course they were both lying down just like Vinny until Vito heard the camera chime and had to perk up).

Thank you in advance!


Southern Fried Pugs said...

Skin tags kind of resemble nipples actually. Or can. They aren't flat like that. At least the ones I've seen.

Quincy's mast cell tumors looked sort of like that. They were more symmetrical though. And didn't have different colors. When touched, the skin around the spots got red. I don't recommend that you poke at it too much though. If it is a MCT, that inflammation is a sign of histamine being released. And anything pressed or poked enough will turn red. Try pressing on the spot and another area with the same pressure at the same time.

I see cancer everywhere so I would have it checked. It should be an inexpensive test, a fine needle aspirate. If it is MCT, the sooner you get it off, the better.
Might look into pet insurance before you go to vet. Could be worth it.
Good luck.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

My moms are always taking me in for every little thing they notice on me.,, because it gives them peace of mind.
Last year I had something removed,,,and it turned out okay,, but we did not know until it was gone.
I hope you get it checked out just for your own peace of mind.
I send love

Payton said...

Hey Vito's mom! I didn't have a MCT, but did have a type of skin cancer. It looked like yours (a mole), but it was much darker in color and at one point developed a red ring around it that eventually faded. There's a picture of it on my blog...the After the Diagnosis post, I think. I'm with the SFPs and Tweedles...go get it checked out to be sure and give yourself some piece of mind.

Minnie Moo said...

Looks like everyone is getting along splendid!
My mama says get it checked out. Neither of us have one of those, Lincoln just has the red itchy bumps since he's allergic to apparently air. Looks kind of weird to us too.


Minnie Moo

Two Pugs in a Pod said...

Hey Gina, I'm actually taking Klaus to get a bump looked at next week. It popped up last Friday and looks kind of like a wart or inflammation (like a pimple or bug bite) but it is not changing or going away, so I think he needs to be seen. He needs his rabies vaccine anyway, so I'm just going to kill two birds with one stone. I wouldn't wait too probably want to get it looked at, for piece of mind. That's one of the most common spots for Mast Cell Tumors to pop up (as is the place where Klaus's is...right on his little butt!) so better safe than sorry. Usually if you get something like that removed before it can cause problems, it's better.

Hoping that it's nothing! (Keep us in your thoughts too, k?)


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Well I am like everyone else I would just ask the vet. I freak out over every little bump. Both Emma and Tuni have what I call "extra leg nipples" that look like flat nipples on their legs or feet. I always ask even I'm pretty sure its a skin tag I need to know for sure. Good luck we hope its nothing serious.


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