Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today my Mom made me go to bed and then she put Vinny's harness on. I hate it when they go on adventures without me so I let them hear it!!! Turns out, I should have been pretty happy to stay home in my nice air conditioned castle because apparently Vinny went to the vet. He's been barfing all week. He's done it probably 6 times. It's all food, nothing else gross, but the vet said to bring him in.

So they went and Vinny got bloodwork done and got put on an antibiotic for the week. The blood test results will come in on Monday. He's acting pretty normal so Mom thinks it's not anything too serious. Paws crossed!

In other news, Louie's mom posted a new picture of him this week from his visit to see his extended family in Nebraska. She titled it "King Louis" and my Mom loved it!!

I now demand to be called King Vito!!!

Vinny and I got baths earlier this week. Vinny did not do as well in the bath as I do. Ha! I am so perfect!! I mean, he did okay but he did try to get out of the sink once. He's a wild man, that one.

We had just gotten dry when it started pouring rain outside!

That same night, Mom put this fleece blankie in the floor. SEPRA sends fleece blankies for their fosters and Louie and I looooved to chew on the tassles! (Just like my Mom's big Cardinals blanket that I have taken on as my own!) Well she thought Vinny (AND I!!) might like to play with it. But you know what that fool did? He just laid down on it!

Alright, that's all for today.

Stay cool, friends!


Payton said...

Dear King Vito,
I love the picture of you two on the deck. Keep us posted on the lab results for Vinny. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi King Vito and Vinny
you both look so fluffy clean.
I hope Vinny is feeling better soon,, and I hope you find out about that bummpy you have.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

King Vito you know what super cheap nice tassel fleece blanket may work for ya? One from Targets $1 bin section (usually $2.50 though) they are baby blankets there. Tuni has one that she just lays on...pfftt. The tassels are mighty tasty if you ask me. Hope all is well with your subject Vinny.

Duchess of Washing-machines Sequoia

HarrisonSnag said...

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Archie and Melissa said...

hi vito!
oh we hope vinny's tummy is feeling better today!
we love seeing him rest on his blankie!
you two are too cute for words i tell ya!

Payton said...

Hey Vito,
I just got your comments, thanks! And don't worry about not doing so've had a lot going on at your house! My mom gets my Skinneez at Target (the large ones), but the small ones can be found on Amazon. Lately, my new favorites have been the new tough latex toys. Did you see me attack that pink flamingo ballerina just recently? And a while back I had a purple elephant that my mom took a short video of. Check it out on my blog. I'm pretty rough with my toys, but these hold up well. But mom insists on monitoring that play time. They are made by Charming Pet...check them out on Amazon while you are there getting some Skinneez! Hee hee!

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