Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome to the Family

Yep, you read that right. I just acknowledged that Vinny is officially part of our family. He has to be I guess because now he has a Puppia harness that matches mine AND a St. Francis tag to protect him, just like mine. (PS if you follow that link, you'll find our friend Sue at My Doggie's Closet on Ebay - that is where Mom gets our harnesses and St. Francis tags which she has also bought as gifts for other canine friends! AND you'll see a pic of Yours Truly and my little brother. Disclaimer: this is not a paid promotion! We just happened upon Sue when Mom was looking for my first harness back in the day, and she was so great about making sure it was the right size! PLUS, she has lots of other doggie goodies!)

ANNNYYYWAAAAYYY, I guess that means Vinny's here to stay for good, so I have decided to embrace it (maybe temporarily? We'll see...).

Vinny in blue, me in green. Who's better looking? YOU BETTER SAY ME.

Since I'm embracing him, I will say Vinny looks pretty good in blue.

I decided since he's staying, that he & I should band together and slowly drive Mom insane. Boy has it been FUN! We've been marking on every spot that would stand still in the house! And that is a lot of spots!

But then Mom got wise that it wasn't just me doing the marking. She caught Vinny in the act. (He is still a rookie after all, he has a few things to learn about not getting caught.) Little did she know, months ago I had showed Vinny how much fun it is to pee indoors, and since I'm his big brother, he followed along and has done an amazing job! I'm so proud I could almost cry.

I didn't think this completely through though because something called a "belly band" exists. Mom had tried it on me before but got lazy - imagine that! And Vinny had to wear one til he was neutered and he peed right through those suckers like a champ! But after his neuter he didn't pee inside anymore. Until I decided to get him on my side. :)

But look at this:


We were caught completely off guard with the belly bands. We didn't think Mom would actually go through with it!

I immediately sank in to a deep depression.

And Vinny didn't fare much better. He only lifted his head for the camera.

Well they made us stop marking. But we figured out how to wiggle out of them pretty quick - Vinny was a pro and actually gave me some pointers. Who knew younger brothers were good for anything? And as predicted, Mom got lazy again, and wouldn't you know it? We started marking inside again immediately! Serves her right for trying to outsmart pugs! She keeps threatening us with something called "Craigslist" but we know she's all talk about that too.

Update: just thought you all might want to see my former foster-sister Pippa - in the middle of a fawn pug sandwich, with her brothers Otis and Stuey. And today is her mom Stacey's birthday - so Happy Birthday Stacey!

That's all for now! Happy peeing-indoors, Friends! Winter is here and that's the best time to leave your mark. :)



Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Boys you look great in your harnesses but of course Vito you look the best! Try to stay out of trouble you 2 with those belly bands.

The Girls

Minnie and Mack said...

Of course, Vito, you are the most handsome in your Puppia harness! I have a PINK one! He he he. I just thought you guys would like to know that you both look pretty good in those belly bands. So maybe you might not want to take them off so fast, since you both want to impress the ladies!
Love the puggie sandwich picture!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Payton's Gampy said...

What great pictures, and to see Pippa is a real treat! Vito I am proud of you to accept Vinny, who I think is a wonderful complement to your manly control of your world. But, as a human, I have to pass out kudos to your brilliant, maybe even diabolocal, Mom. It's not easy keeping pugs off balance!


Payton said...

I pee inside all winter Vito! Ok, it's in the garage on my special potty, but I wanted to seem cool like you guys. Try not to drive your mom too crazy because come nice weather she may not let you guys come to Murdoch Perk with her!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Vito
I am happy for you that everything is final now about Vinny! Now on to worry about other things right?
Your harness's are beautiful, very nice colors! And the belly band too- look very classy!

Chicas Libelulas said...

Felcidades Vitorio & Vinicio!!!!
Please celebrate but be kind to your Mom!! I know it is not a pug-boy thing, Licky (girl) mark Pillows, just remind you mom that is worst!! but try to pee outside be nice Guapo Boy!!!
& Hi5 from Patrick

Payton said...

Hi boys! I gave you an award today!

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