Friday, February 3, 2012

What's a Blog?

That's the question. I remember what a blog is. But my Mom clearly DOESN'T. And since she's the one who knows how to type, Vinny & I have been totally screwed!!

But don't worry, faithful followers, it's not like we've been doing anything too exciting around here.

I discovered a new perch instead of the ottoman.

And I stretched out a lot. Usually on Mom's lap.

And then there were a few cold days where I remembered where the heat vent is.

And I got a Shut-Up Stick or five.

And we've discovered that Vinny freaks out whenever any animal is on tv. So much for the theory that dogs don't see clearly b/c this weirdo senses an animal on tv even when it's on "Mute."

Mom clearly has no interest in discipline. And that's fine by us.

Seriously, even when it's just a cat or a chicken, he does this. Really - when there is no sound on at all! Or even just Cesar Millan's face!

Obviously Mom has been neglecting us as usual. She went to a fundraiser a few weeks ago. She told Vinny & I it was a fundraiser for dogs so we didn't squeal TOO much when she left (but we were secretly skeptical). It was a fundraiser for Gateway Pet Guardians who feed the strays in East St. Louis every single day (PJ hasn't missed a SINGLE DAY since 2003!) and they also rescue when they can, but they don't have a shelter so they rely strictly on foster homes - so they need lots of fundraisers like that one! And Mom "fell in love" (GROSS!).

Now, my instinct tells me to hate those pictures. But I know that puppy didn't have a home and he was found wandering alone away from his Mom & his brothers & sisters and that sounds kind of sad. His name is Rex. Mom says now that she thinks he's found a home but she was dangerously close to bringing him home to live with Vinny & me that night because he "melted into" her.

Before you go and start thinking I'm a softie, I'm NOT! Because I've caught wind that Mom is doing something Gawd-awful Saturday morning. She's going on a road trip (and not taking me with her!) and bringing someone back with her from Rolla, MO (about an hour and a half from us in St. Louis).

Meet Jax. Pippa's Mom (you remember Pippa right??) found Jax in one of those crazy "free to a good home" ads and she contacted SEPRA to see if they could save him. There was an open foster home (NOT MINE THANK GOODNESS!!) but that home is on vacation right now, so my own Mom is going to get him on Saturday and Jax is going to stay with us until next Wednesday when my Mom takes him to meet his permanent foster Mom at the vet. The people who have Jax now say he has "hip issues" and as you can see, he's missing an eye, so he's got some things to over come. Vinny & I have agreed to take it easy on him while he's here. We DO have hearts SOMETIMES. If it's on a limited time frame. Yeah!

Alright, I'll TRY to make Mom post something this weekend and since Jax will be here, I'm sure she'll be allllll over it. She loves posting about dogs that aren't us. She's a real jerk that way.

And I will MAKE her get caught up on your blogs too, if I have to sit on her to do it! Later, friends!


Payton's Gampy said...

We understand Vito but you and Vinny have been greatly missed!


Payton said...

Don't worry about it Vito, we know you and Vinny still love us. But we have missed your cute faces!

Hank said...

Vito, buddy.....yeah, now give the new kid a break. Don't be tag teamin' him like ya did ME.

Good hearin' from ya, bud.

PEE S: My mom's pickin' up a foster tuhmorrow. This kid was, lit-rally, born in a barn (backyard breeder for five years) so I got my work cut out fer me!

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

Missed you guys! Jax is a cutie, I hope he finds a forever home soon. I don't like animals on tv either but what I hate even worse is Mom's kitchen time. It crows like a rooster and sends me into a tizzy every time.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I missed you too. Your mom sure is busy- but it is a good busy cause she is helping furries find homes.

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