Friday, February 10, 2012

That was too fast...

I took Jax to his new foster Mom on Wednesday. Boy was it sad for only having this guy since Saturday! He is such a love. The sweetest, snuggliest boy ever. Yes, you heard me Vito and Vinny. You could take some lessons.

Vinny: "Who, me?"

Just like when Pippa was here and she was so sick, Vito was really good with Jax. He seemed to know something was wrong with him and he laid on the floor with him a lot (note the belly bands). Jax seemed most comfortable on hard surfaces, and I'm happy his new foster Mom has carpet throughout her house because it's much easier for him to get his footing on carpet than on my hardwood floors.

How precious is this baby? And if only you could snuggle him!

But his new foster Mom came back from vacation so I met her at her work on Wednesday afternoon for the handoff. She instantly loved him and was so sweet with me, who as you can imagine, was a crying mess.

She gave me a hug and assured me she would take great care of him and I know she will. Jax and I got some snuggle time in the Jeep while we waited for her and that's when the tears came. It's a really good thing I had him such a short amount of time because I can't imagine getting more attached to him! I just wanted to cry looking at him most times because his walk is so sad and it's so unfair for such a perfect pug.

He was shaking as we were in the Jeep - I know he knew he was leaving me. Ugh! But his new FM called me that night and said he was doing just great. And I just realized I never updated you all - the vet called on Monday morning and said the orthopedic surgeon did not recommend surgery based on the x-rays alone "because he seems to get around and doesn't seem to be in much pain." I disagree with that and so does his new FM, so she is going to see about getting a second opinion. I do hate the thought of him going through such an invasive surgery - but at four years old, it's heartbreaking to think of him hobbling around with so much of his life left.

The best news is that his FM said I can pug-sit him when she has to travel for work! Hooray!

Hope to have some posts from the Double V's soon! "Hope" being the key word! Miss you all and thank you for still reading as I struggle through this blogging slump! I "hope" to use some of this weekend to get caught up on your blogs too!

Later friends!


Payton said...

I just can't imagine having to give up that sweet baby! And a second opinion seems like a good idea. We do hope to see ore blog posts but we understand.
Christy and Payton

Hank said...

Gina, I did not realize he's only four!! Yep, I think a second opinion is definitely in order.

Those pics of you and him are so sweet. And how nice that you'll get to pugsit occasionally! Thanks for being part of his life.

PS Hank says you "look real perty with that new hairdo!".

Minnie and Mack said...

Hi Guys! We hope to hear more about Jax in his foster home. He is so lucky to be in fosterhood! Hopefully after some good food, and lots of lovin', he'll be a good candidate for surgery.

Yes, handing over the foster puggie, Miss Daisy, was very hard, but we remembered the "why" were are fosters and there are lots of Jaxes out there (sad to say) that need to get into fosterhood!

Drools and licks,
Minnie and Mack

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh yes, we know how sad it was for you to let Jax go. Your heart was so big in finding him the perfect home and it sounds so perfect to us!
I hope little Jax does get a second opinion.
I just know that he is feeling soo good- having his new family love him. And of course, he will never forget you.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh jax is so cute!
he is so lucky to have you as his backup foster family!
what a lucky sweet boy he is!

Kitty+Coco said...

Oh Gina, you are giving us the sniffles here too. That is exactly why we haven't fostered a pug or Boston T. yet..We know we would get WAY too attached and possibly refuse to let them go :) But you did well, and total score on being able to pug sit! That is really nice. Please let us know what happens with Jax's second opinion. Such a sweet pugger.

Kitty+Coco (and Mom)

Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

We have an award for Vito on either Tucker or Lola's blog today.

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