Monday, March 12, 2012

Yep, We're Still Alive

Not much going on in this neck of the woods. Except that it's super warm so we've been getting to play outside a lot in the evenings! Our favorite thing is to root around in the grass with our non-existent snouts.

Mom had actually wiped off our faces before this picture - she missed some.

Mom made us put on flea treatment a little earlier than normal because it's been so warm. I wish flea treatment came in food form. But alas, it just comes in some wet stuff that goes on my back after I get Furminated. I looooove getting Furminated. Vinny DOES NOT. And he's the big shedder! That's what Mom gets for getting me a brother! Karma, lady.

Mom got us some new collars. Do you hate having your collar taken off? WE DO! And I especially hate having it put back on. Mom hates putting the little tags back on the collars. I say we all lose. But oh no, she thinks we need to have clean sparkly collars like we are some kind of show-ponies instead of PUGS.

Here's Vinny telling Mom it's time to go to bed. She stays up way too late on weekends. This was her signal on Saturday night that it was time to hit the hay.

And just because, Mom says we have to throw in this picture of Louie because it's "so so so cute." Whatevs!

That's all, folks! We'll write again when we have something exciting to say. Who knows when that will be.

Later friends!

PS From Mom: I still can't post on most of your blogs! Those that have a "pop-up" comment box work just fine! But those that don't - I can either see others' comments but there is nowhere for me to comment (and yes I'm signed in) OR I click on "comment" and it just goes to a white screen! Ugh! I'm even mostly caught up on reading but can't leave you fun little notes! Don't take it personally! Hank, Payton, Payton's Gampy, etc. etc. miss you all! And shout-out to a blog we just discovered - Mr. Bean! TOO incredibly cute and funny!

PS Again: Payton's awesome Mom just told me how to make our blog have the "pop-up" comment box! You should try it too so we can comment on your blogs again (even though I don't know why we suddenly can't when we used to able to)! Go to your dashboard, select Settings, then Comments, then scroll down to where you select how your comments appear, i.e. Imbedded, Pop-Up, etc. Choose Pop-Up!


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Hi guys! We are happy to see your big brown eyes and cute faces around. Don't worry about being behind our Mom is being way lazy making us get behind on reading and posting too. Shesh Moms what can you do.

The Girls

Payton's Gampy said...

Nice to see you're still running things Vito!!!! We understand about the commenting issues but try and send Payton and her Mom an email, they'd love to hear from you!

Payton's Gampy

Payton said...

Vito! Vinny! I think you guys look spiffy in your new collars. I have been enjoying the nice weather too, such a nice break from my garage potty. I've been meaning to change my comment form but just forgot after you mentioned it before. Sorry, but it's changed now!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I don't know what kind of comment form I have!!!! Oh no!
I love your new collars. They are pretty.
We don't have any nice weather- just rain ans snow.
Its good to see your faces!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi vinny and vito!
oh you look so handsoem in your new collars!
yay spring is coming!

Hank said...

Hey, Bud! Thanks fer the tip! I got some bloggin' tuh catch up on muhself, so I'll gitter done.

"Non-existent noses" LOL!

A Day in the Life of Pugs said...

Just found your blog ... you are awesome!!! Come check out our blog - we're having a contest!

XOXOXOXO - Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

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