Friday, May 6, 2011

Goodbye Little Louie Boy

Vito was too overcome to write this post (ok, that might be a little melodramatic and the truth is that Vito's Mom might be selfish right now!), so here goes:

Louie left us this morning. It was harder than I even anticipated, and that is saying a lot. Even when logic enters the picture (as it definitely did last night and today), it doesn't matter when you see that little pug face in his new dad's arms at the car, and you know it is the last time. I know this little boy is going to the most amazing, most perfect home that he could possibly be going to. I know that this family is wonderful and will love him with every bit of them. But it still ripped out every piece of my heart, and I couldn't even control my tears enough to say goodbye to his mom as she was putting Louie's new human brother in his car seat. I just had to run inside and sob like a child. That's all I could do. I wish I could take that part back and have given them a proper goodbye and a proper thank you for giving me such a sense of comfort in being the PERFECT home for this little boy.

So with that, I leave you the pictures of Louie's last night, and morning, with Vito and me:

Vito whispering words of wisdom to his partner in crime on their last night together. :)

Sad Bear. (Disclaimer: no pugs consumed any wine during this photo shoot despite the presence of wine in the background.)

Louie's going-away bag.

Precious little boy going to his new home!

And one last kiss for his foster mom from the King of Kisses!...

Louie's new family! How cute are they???

And we even already got a photo of Louie in his new home - exhausted. That's a good sign.

I hope you all noticed that Lou's new Mom commented on the last post. She is wonderful and Louie is such a lucky boy!! We love you forever Louie, and hope you never forget us. We will never forget you.

Later friends!


Wilma said...

Aw Gina,
I would have been the same way. Bless you for having the heart to foster. It's hard to imagine getting to love a little one so much and then letting them go. His new family looks perfect. Just think of that little boy growing up with his new best friend. Thanks for what you did for Louie, as hard as it was to say goodbye.
Kathy (Wilma's Mom)

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh GINA! ((((HUG))))! You did such a great thing for sweet Louie and we HOPE (HINT HINT) that his new family might start a bloggie for him so we can all keep up with him too! His little can opener teeth KILL me!

Tell Vito that he's a good boy for sharing you with his new friend for a while!

NOW point out that he doesn't have to share his treats anymore!!!

S-Dog (and Mom)

Southern Fried Pugs said...

I know how you feel. I did the same thing with my foster even though he'd been with me about 3 weeks and wasn't that affectionate. But I sobbed and sobbed. I knew he was going to a good home but I still fell apart.
Fostering is not easy because you have a heart. Your heart will be broken.
You did a good thing here though. You helped Louie by giving him a comfortable, safe place to live until his forever family could be found. And you let him go to that perfect family because it was the right thing for him and for Vito. Doing the right thing is rarely easy. If it was everyone would do it.
Whether or not you continue to foster, you've done an awesome thing for Louie. As the saying goes, rescuing a dog doesn't change the world, but it changes the world for that dog.
You will be less sad as the days go on. Especially as you know that he's doing well.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We feel your tears and broken heart right now.
We wish we had words to make you better,, but we do not.
You were a life saving angel to Louie, and you showed him so much love.
Your wings fluttered until the perfect home came around, and it did.
And then you handed the little one to his new mama,,,
and I was thinking
"even Angels cry sometimes" you were that angel.

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Oh he looks so peaceful sleeping at his new home. You did a great thing Gina (and Vito).

Jenn and S&P

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