Friday, May 11, 2012

Lots of Catching Up... - Part 2 (I HATE YOU BLOGGER)

OH MOM IS MAD.  She is having to write this second post because Blogger cut it off before.  Stay out of her way right now because she's about to go OFF.

Anyway, continuing the last post, Yogi hid the whole time we were there.  He went behind those brooms and built himself a little fort.

 Yogi's other hiding spot

 Yogi asking Mom to leave and take us with her

Then Yogi's mom Mae played with Vinny.  Imagine how poor Yogi felt about that!

And Kyle:

Then last weekend Mom and Vinny left me.  Mom told me that she was taking Vinny to the vet.  SHE LIED right to my face!  They didn't go to the vet!  They went to a SEPRA adoption event at Petco and Vinny wasn't even up for adoption (despite my nightly prayers)!

This guy was there:


And so was this guy.  Remy.  Mom fell in love with him.  It would have been dangerous if his foster mom hadn't already fallen in love with him.  Whew.
Mom and Remy

 And Vinny did this the whole time.  He got a bully stick without me.  MOM!!!!!!!!!!


Theodore, aka Teddy, was there too.  We met him at the Pug Party last month.  He is now heartworm free, got his bits removed, and had his dental so he is all up for adoption.  Vinny told me that he crawled right in Mom's lap and made himself comfortable.  It's like Mom thinks Vinny and I don't talk at all.  Little does she know, he tells me EVERYTHING.

 Teddy hid under his foster mom's chair at first.

 Inching closer and closer to MY MOM'S LAP

I got a little scare yesterday thinking we might be getting a new foster brother, but lucky for us he found a home.  I'm safe.  FOR NOW.

That's all.  Who knows when you'll see us again as mad as Mom is right now.

Later, friends!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi my friends

Hank said...

Whoa, bud, Between Blogger an' yer mom's covert operations, I sense some real tension over there.

Why don'tcha make a trip over tuh Indy? We'll knock back some PBRs an' shoot the poop 'bout foster bros. Mine is a real doozy I tell ya what. Perty sure he's gittin' adopted this weekend, though. Thank GAWD!!!

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