Friday, May 11, 2012

Lots of Catching Up To Do!

This new blogger set-up has Mom thoroughly confused but at least she can upload more than 5 pictures at a time so that's good news!

Whew!  We have a lot of catching up to do!  Mom had a big fundraiser at work, so that coupled with her incessant lack of motivation has left MY blog severely behind!  

A couple of weeks ago we had a visitor!  You might remember him.

It was Jax!  Jax's new name with SEPRA is Jackson.  His foster mom went to Florida for a few days so he stayed with us.  Oh my pug, was Mom happy!  I was my usual indifferent.  Vinny tried to hump him when he got here but Mom put the kibosh on that with a quickness!

Jax had surgery on his hips!  After a month, Mom expected to see more progress - he WAS better, but not as good as she was hoping.  After his foster mom got back, she took him back to the vet and they told her to put him back on his pain meds for a little while because it will help him to stay active and continue the rehab.  They are happy with his progress so that is good news!

Well after Vinny was finished humping Jax, Jax apparently forgave him because they stayed all chummy for 4 days.  Look at them.  Then look where I am.  Right by MOM!

 Seriously.  Vinny and Jax, get a room already!

When Jax got to our house he was sad and missing his foster mom.  He loves her a whole bunch and boy does she love him.

But Mom thinks he started to remember us because he got happier and we fell into our old routine when he lived with us for four days right after he was rescued.

And of course Mom was all sad and sappy when he left again.  This was right before he left:

She didn't cry this time though because when his foster mom picked him up, she saw how HAPPY he was to see her.  His little tail nearly wagged off and he snuggled in to her as hard as he could!

We also went over to Paul & Mae's house a couple of times.  We had a BLAST but their Japanese Chin, Yogi, wasn't as happy to see us as we were to see him.  He spent the whole time hiding from us.  We found it pretty darn funny.

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Hank said...

Hey, bud.....good fer Jax! I'm glad the ol' boy is doin' better. I bet it was kinda sad tuh see 'im go. Wonder if his foster mom is gonna keep 'im?

And whut's with that Yogi fella? Them Japanese are a curious bunch. My dad fought 'em in WW II, ya know.

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