Saturday, July 24, 2010

Puggie Stuff

Alright people, my Mom is now officially Crazy Pug Lady. Look what she got:

She got it from a place online called and they have lots of different breeds and colors! (Mom's note: this is a really pretty Chartreuse green, it doesn't photograph well!)

And I got my first Puppia harness! Isn't it fetching?

Let me do some modeling for you.


...I might be losing patience now...


Apparently pugs are hard to size in harnesses so Mom wants me to tell you that this is a size Large and I weigh 24.7 pounds, to give you an idea. Wow Mom, is there no mystery in life anymore? She got this on Ebay from a very nice lady named Sue who helped her with the sizing, her store is called My Doggies' Closet.

Well I had some more random pictures to post but they'll have to wait for the next post because Blogger is ridiculous. Until then!

1 comment:

Loren said...

Tonka has the green puppia too! Great puggie style!

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