Friday, July 23, 2010

Visit to the Vet

Hello everyone! My Mom finally got her laptop back so we are back in business!

Last week we had to go to the V-E-T. I don't really mind the vet so much, I'm pretty laidback when I'm there because they are so nice to me.

I ran into this mop-looking thing in the waiting room. She was 3 months old and her name was Penny. She was super weird. She would come up and lay down right in front of me and then as soon as I moved toward her she scooted backwards really fast all the way under the chair! Her Mom said she was a scaredy cat. But she was a dog. I was confused.

We had to go to the vet because my back end has been really itchy. I can't explain what's wrong because I don't speak human. I jump off the couch all the time and go after my tail and spin around on the floor and sometimes Mom gives me some good deep scratches on my lower back and hips and I looooooove that! Mom thought I needed my butt squeezed (oh joy, my favorite) so we went to the groomer. But that didn't help so we went to the vet to have them do it internally. Oh, yes, that sounds like as much fun as it actually was. The vet said not much came out though, and that my skin looks great, and I don't have any worms or fleas, so she thinks it is just allergies. Do any of you out there have any advice? Mom says we may go to another vet to get a second opinion if the Oatmeal bath she gave me today doesn't help.

Anyway, we had to wait in that back room forever, but I was very patient.

I hung halfway out in to the hallway so I could see all of the action while I waited.
It was about 95 degrees that day so I got to ride in the front seat by the air conditioner instead of the back in my crate!

I was a very good boy but Mom said it made her really nervous to think of me flying through the windshield so I won't get to do that very often. Boo. She really cramps my style sometimes. What? Oh, hi Mom!

When we got home, I drank a whole bunch of water and had an ice cube and just collapsed on the floor for awhile.
Pssst! Mom! You really need to sweep.


agent99 said...

Hi Vito, nice to meet you! You are really cute. Sorry to hear @ the itchy butt. We got no advice for ya on that. But we do think the shi-tzu mop was flirting with you.

Gen & Lefty (aka the Foo)

Gina and Vito said...

Thanks Gen and Lefty! You are both pretty cute too. Sorry to hear about your eye and your name change, Lefty. I hope my cousin Jack never tries to eat my eye when he's trying to kill me. And I tried to tell Mom that little mop was flirting with me too but she says I think everyone is flirting with me and she rolled her eyes.


2pugsinapod said...

Hey Vito! Itchy butts are the worst. Ask your vet about Benadryl for short term help. We are on a special protocol by Dr. Alfred Plechner, but it isn't for everyone. Mom read about it in a book called Pets At Risk.

In the meantime, ask your mom to get you a seat belt so you can ride safely in a seat. The one we have clips from our harness to the seat belt.

Gina and Vito said...

Thanks! Gina here, Vito is catching a nap. He's been on Benadryl since last Saturday's vet visit and it hasn't helped. :( Someone on our Pug Meetup group said their pug was exhibiting the same behavior and he ended up going to a dermatological vet and found out his pug had sarcoptic mites which leads to mange! So I'm really worried now and will be going to that dermatologist this week!!

As for the seat belt clip - where did you get yours? I planned for him to never be free in the car until that unplanned super-hot vet trip, but also a friend of mine has been looking for one. Thanks, Pugs in a Pod!!

Gina (and Vito too!)

2pugsinapod said...

We got ours at a few years ago, but they don't seem to carry it anymore. But here's a link to the one at Drs. Foster and Smith.

We only use the clip that goes from the harness to the seat belt. Since we wear harnesses anyway, mom just clips the seat belt thing to our harness. Those harnesses don't seem to fit well anyway. Happy shopping!

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