Sunday, July 1, 2012

Special Visitor Edition: LOUIE!!!!!!

In May we had a super special visitor.  Yes, even I, Vito, the pessimistic pug who doesn't like to share ANY ATTENTION, had to admit that this visitor was special.  It was... LOUIE!!!!!!!!!!
He's still tiny!  (Louie in our kitchen - he's gained 2 pounds since he left us, so now he's at 17!  But look how little the bugger is!)

Louie was my very first pug playmate and foster brother.  You might remember when he lived with us as a "foster" last year for almost 2 months.  While he lived here, I wasn't as keen on him as I am now in looking back.  Oh I am so much older and wiser now.  If only I knew then, what I know now.

Now I have a PERMANENT brother and, if given the choice, I'd take Louie back in a heartbeat!  Sure he was annoying.  He wanted to play all the time.  But he was also kind of a good snuggler - and my brother now?  Not so much.  He just wants to steal all of my Nylabones.

ANYWAY, Louie's Mom and my Mom have kept in touch and his Mom contacted my Mom to arrange a puggie playdate!  My Mom was so ridiculously excited I can't even tell you.  It was seriously embarrassing.  I knew Mom missed Louie.  She even occasionally told me about dreams she had about him - that she would see him again.  He was her first foster pug and he meant so much to her.  He was her "trial foster" - and after Louie left - it was so hard on both of us that Mom even told the Pug Rescue that she couldn't do it again - she didn't think she could take in another pug and cry that much again when they left.  But as you may remember, it only took less than a month before Mom changed her mind and took in Pippa.  Mom just realized there are too many pugs out there like me and Louie that need her.  Even though I'm spoiled rotten and am pretty possessive of my Mom - even I realize that fostering is a wonderful thing and I am okay with sharing my house with pugs on their way home to their forever homes.  (ALTHOUGH THAT WASN'T THE CASE WITH VINNY BECAUSE HE ENDED UP STAYING HERE FOREVER AND I WOULD JUST LIKE TO REMIND MOM OF THAT - NO MORE VINNYS PLEASE!)

So on a Saturday in May, Louie showed up at our house, with his Mom, Dad, and Human Brother Jonah!  WHAT A REUNION!
 Mom smothering Louie!
Mom had a whole prediction of how this would go.  She was wrong.  She imagined that Louie would run in to her arms, having missed her for a whole year. Instead - you know what he did?  He ran straight for ME!  Oh Louie - remember when I wanted you to go away?  Now I'm so happy to see you!!!

Little Louie Boy all up in my grill!  He had clearly missed me!  (That's Louie's dad and human brother Jonah - Jonah wants to be a PUG!  Who doesn't???)
Louie and his human brother Jonah are best friends!  That made Mom SO happy to see.
And Louie's brother Jonah also found SILENT GEORGE!  Grandpa would be proud.  :)

Vinny sniffing Silent George
Mom says the very best part of the visit, other than actually snuggling on Louie - was that she got the best gift EVER.  Louie's family gave Mom a photo book filled with Louie's entire journey as a foster pug, and now with his forever family.


Want to know what I think is the best part?  It also includes MY STORY with Mom!

Mom thought that Vinny would really love to play with Louie, since Vinny always tries to get me to play with him and I am NOT INTERESTED.  Wrong!  Vinny had no interest in Louie.  Vinny just wanted a nap.

 Or to chew on his big Nylabone.

Louie introducing himself to Vinny.  Vinny was unimpressed.

Louie tried hard.
Vinny on the left.

 Mom with "her boys" as she says.  Louie is on her lap.  I'm on her right (and look, I'm
  even okay with that!!!).  Vinny is on her left - I told you he was ready for a nap.

Louie with his Mom in our kitchen.  That's me harassing him.  I didn't want him to leave!!!!

Mom didn't want Louie to leave either.
Me, Louie and Louie's Best Friend!!!

It was a really great day.

Later friends!


Wilma said...

Wow Vinny! That really does I look like a great day. Sometimes I hear Mom and Dad talking about fostering ( mostly mom). Do you think I would like having a temp on staff?

Wilma said...

Oh Vito! I called you Vinny! Can you please forgive me. Mom hasn't even fed me yet! She says after her coffee.

Angel Yoda, Brutus & Ellie said...

What a fun/great day!! So nice of Louie's family to give that book to your mom - that is very special <3

Maybe next time Vinny will take a nap before entertaining visitors.

Pugs & Kisses,

Brutus & Ellie

Southern Fried Pugs said...

How wonderful that you stay in touch with former fosters and that you still remember one another. It was so sweet that Louie's family made a book for your mom.

The Devil Dog said...

That really is just the best feeling, isn't it? Louie and his human brother look so happy together. That was a wonderful post.


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh what a wonderful day for everyone.
Everyone looked so happy as they were jumping around and greeting everyone.
That book was the best gift ever- wasn't it? So very thoughtful!

Payton's mom said...

Hi Vito and Vinny,
I am just in love with the pic of your mom smothering Louie! Hope you both are staying cool in this hot weather.

Kitty+Coco said...

I'm really hoping it let's me post this comment. Anyhoo, we just LOVE seeing Louie and you play together Vito. Kind of heartwarming. Kind of funny that you missed the tiny little bugger. He is so stinking cute. Looks like he has an amazing family now, but he will always owe you and your mum a debt of gratitude for being a rocking foster home. Wonder what crawled up Vinny's butt? The best pic ever of the three of you with Mom.


Hank said...

Hi, Louie!!! Great to see you again!

You are sooo blessed to have a perfect foster mom/babysitter and a perfect family!

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