Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dog Beds (and Pippa of course)

I love dog beds. Mom has bought me 3 of them now and I've destroyed every last one of them. I mean, they are just giant stuffed toys right?

Sure, it looks smushy and cozy like we should just looooove to curl up in there. Nah, why do that when we can tear them open?

You can see that Vinny is a very good student.

Later, friends!

PS Vito's mom here. There has still been no news about Pippa. Her mom is NOT giving up though and is posting her everywhere possible, and still searching. We really believe at this point that she had to have been stolen. Lola & Tucker's mom offered to post Pippa on their blogs so we sent her some information on Pippa. If you are interested in doing the same (even if you aren't in the area, someone reading your blog might be), just contact me and I will send you info & pictures. We are absolutely desperate to find her, no matter in what condition. We can't think of anything else until then. Her mom says she cries every time she sees a pink toy and keeps replaying every second of that day wishing she had done something differently. It is heartbreaking. As she said "Dogs aren't 'just dogs' to me - they are family and Pippa is family." Pippa's mom has saved so many dogs over the years and has dedicated countless hours and her own money to these babies. All of her pugs are rescues, but she works with all breeds at the shelter she volunteers at (where she saved both Pippa and my Vinny). It's so unfair that she is going through this.

Hug your pups tight, even if they sneeze in your face like Vito did to me last night after I told him that hug was for Pippa.

Below are some more pictures of Pippa from her first night at our house on June 2 of this year (my birthday!) while she was still feeling good:


Lola and Tucker said...

I have her up on both Tucker and Lola's blogs. Hope this baby gets home soon!

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

first boys you so wouldn't be allowed near our 11 dog beds...tuni just couldn't imagine one them being de-stuffed. But you do look cute chewing them up. Second we are so sorry to hear about Pippa. We hope that she is found soon this is just so sad.

The Slimmer Puggums and the mamas said...

Hi Vito and Vinny!!
Wesa totally get what your doing!! Wesa tend to use the doggie beds as part of our game playing ritual. Us boys...ahem...marked the heck out of an old pillow that had a case...needless to say the trashmen will be picking that up tomorrow in the form of a black plastic bag!! :)
Much Luvums,
The Slimmer Puggums
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

Payton said...

You two guys are a riot! Have a great weekend!
PS. We put a link on our post today to Lola's post about Pippa. We are still praying for a safe return home.

Hank said...

V and V are silly! :D

I am sick over Pippa, and can only pray that whoever has her is treating her well. I feel sooo sorry for her mom.

Neal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Neal said...

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