Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Foster Pug Update... Pippa!

Once again, since Vito has had his post for the night, I'm going to sneak in another one since he is now snoring next to me with his face smashed between the back of the bend of my knees up on the sofa! He'll never find out!

Since I gave an update about our first foster pug Louie last night, I thought I'd also give an update on our second foster pug, Pippa. Pippa was only with us for less than 48 hours as you'll remember. She became very ill and went back to live with the awesome Stacey who rescued her from the shelter in Southern Missouri (and who volunteers there on a regular basis and has saved SO MANY DOGS - including OUR VINNY!). Well, very long story very short - Pippa is still very happily living there with her 3 brothers (2 pugs and 1 pug/boxer mix!) and her human sister, and she is doing just great! We never found out exactly what was wrong with her, but they suspected it was some kind of parasite. She is still a slow little lady and is still a little skittish at times, but I think you'll agree based on these pictures, that she is doing just fine and loving her life with her most amazing family.

Pippa with her brothers from L to R, Rosco, Otis, and Stuey (all rescues too!) at the family lake house

Pippa hanging out with her human sister and her pug brothers Otis and Stuey

Love you, Pippa!


Payton said...

Very cool! YEAH, Pippa!

Lola said...

Glad Pippa is doing good!

Salinger The Pug said...

Awww...sweet Pippa! Glad she's doing well!


Archie and Melissa said...

oh what a fabulous update!

what a wonderful extended family you have built!

thank you for always sharing them with us!

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