Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pippa is Missing

Vito's Mom here. Very sadly, after my happy update on Pippa the other day, she is missing. On Monday, 11/7 at 2pm, her mom let Pippa and her 3 pug brothers outside to do their business. They live in a very rural area in Southern Missouri on 35 acres. She watched them go to their "usual potty spot" and went back in the house (leaving the door open) for less than 2 minutes. Two of the pugs came back inside as her mom was going out to call them all in, but Pippa and her pug/boxer mix-brother, Rosco, did not come in. She found Rosco at the pond, located halfway between the house and the road (a very long driveway), which she said was very unusual for them to go that far on a routine potty break. Pippa was nowhere to be found. The land is very wide open before the woods begin, and she should have been seen. She is very slow and not a runner, and she never leaves her brothers' sides.

Needless to say, panic ensued. Her mom got on her ATV and started to search the property immediately and in no time had 5 other people on ATV's helping her. There has been no sign of her. Everyone is devastated and heartbroken, and are still searching. The pond where Rosco was found was spotlighted to see if she had fallen in, and searched again today (it is very shallow). The suspicion now is that she may have been stolen.

A big reward is being offered and has been publicized on 3 radio stations, a large ad is coming out in the newspaper there tonight, fliers have been given to every house in a 5 mile radius, and all of the surrounding land has been searched by ATV, and foot when possible.

Please keep Pippa in your prayers, as well as her family. They are beside themselves. We are hoping that someone has her and will be motivated by the reward to return her.

We love you, Pippa. Come home soon.


dw said...

I so hate posts like just makes me sooooo sad! It almost physically to read a post like this. I will send up a prayer that Pippa is found, returned, whatever, safe.

Hank said...

OMGosh, Gina, I am soooo sorry to hear this.

I pray she is found safe and SOON.

Hugs -


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I don't think my comment stayed. I am saying prayers for Pippa too. Please be found Pippa- safe and sound...
we are keeping you all in our thoughts

The Devil Dog said...

OMG, we will pray very hard for Pippa's safe return. Please keep up posted.

Roxy & Lucky

Wilma said...

Oh no, no,no,no,no,no,no. This is terrible. It makes me so scared. If someone did take her, I hope she is being treated nice. I hope she returns home soon. Poppa please come home.

Payton said...

My heart just sank as soon as I read the title of the post. It's a real nightmare. Pippa will be in our prayers tonight for sure. Please keep us posted. Let's all give extra kisses in her honor.

Noodles said...

Vito that is a sad tale you tell. I do hope Pippa shows up soon. She must be so scared and lonely.
PIPPA! PIPPA!!!! I hope she hears me.
Love Noodles

Lola and Tucker said...

I hate reading these posts, it really does make me sick to my stomach when one of our babies is missing. I think we should all post Pippa's info on our blogs. Even if we aren't in that area someone reading might be. If you want give us a picture of Pippa and her information we would be happy to post it on my blog and Tuckers, you never know when someone might see it. A lot of exposure is always good. Sending huge prayers for Pippa and her Mom.

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