Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Has Arrived (and with it came training...)

Well Christmas came and went and Mom decided it was time for me to go to school. She said I needed to learn some manners. What is that supposed to mean?? I'm not rude! I'm the sweetest thing in the world!


Apparently though she meant that she wanted me to learn to sit and lay down and stay and not to jump all over people when I meet them. It's hard for me! I love everyone! I'm short! How else am I supposed to reach them and let them know to PET ME PLEASE? See, I even said Please, Mom.

So in January we went to the 8 Week Beginner Obedience Training at Petsmart. I was in class with four other dogs, and they were all a lot bigger than me! But obviously I was the cutest and everyone told me and my Mom so.

Well the first week of class had my mom a little worried. All of the other dogs could sit. I wasn't quite ready to sit though. I like to do things on my own terms. I'm an independent pug. So it took me all the way to the end of Week Two to learn to sit. But then everyone was so proud of me! (I may or may not have been playing dumb to garner more attention.) For learning to sit, I was rewarded with this Dragon.

Supposedly he was made with something called "Chew Guard Technology." But the Chew Guard Technology people clearly didn't study pugs b/c I had that dude torn up in a day!

Lay Down also took me two weeks. But I was so good at Stay and Leave It! Everyone was amazed! Finally came Graduation and Mom was so proud.

I still have a hard time not jumping on everyone I meet or barking at every car that goes by, but like I told Mom, "I'm 99% perfect, so cut me some slack here."

Mom says the only downside of training was that I somehow gained four whole pounds in 8 weeks, putting me at 25 pounds! I don't see the problem. Treats=delicious. Four extra pounds=more of me to love. And, your point is? We're still working on getting those pounds off, and you know what that means? Hardly any treats for me anymore!!

Pay no attention to this weird picture quality. It's the official Petsmart picture and Mom had to take a picture of it because she doesn't have a scanner! But look at me!

Judy the St. Bernard, Hugo the American Pit Terrier, and Little Ol Me waiting for treats!

Rocco's Dad was one of my many admirers.

Those other dogs are fools, no time for play, I'm here for treats!! (These are Hugo's parents. After the first week of class they told my mom they should have gotten a pug! I hope Hugo can't read!)

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