Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bath Time ... Bah Humbug

Usually my mom takes me to Miss Mary Catherine at Muttropolitan Groomers for my bath and nail clipping. But once in awhile in between she says I get too "ripe" to wait for that. Is she insulting me? Nah, surely not.

Ah, that looks refreshing! A big water bowl!

Whoa! It was all fun & games til you said I had to get IN. What have you done with Miss Mary Catherine??

Mom says I'm really good in the bath. I don't mind it so much but don't tell Mom. I have a reputation to maintain. That's why I make this sad face:

But I DO mind what comes next! The towel!! I hate that towel!

This time though, because "it's so freakin' hot" according to Mom, I just got to go outside for awhile to get dried off instead of getting blown on by that awful thing Mom uses when she gets out of the shower. I like this hot weather!

OK, full disclosure, I did hold a tiny grudge for a little while after the bath and ignored Mom. That's what she gets for THE TOWEL.

So as payback I laid on the back of the sofa, which is my favorite spot. I love ruining her cushions!

Now my Mom is butting in to tell you that she found 2 four-leaf clovers in a 10 day period while taking me outside. I don't see the big deal but supposedly they're hard to find. I don't see anything special here.

Found 6/12/10

The top one is dead, found 6/2/10 (my Mom's birthday!). She hasn't learned to press clovers like her Grandma Ruby did when Mom was little!

That's all for now, people! It's time to get rid of this laptop so I can lay on my Mom properly! Rumor has it that my cousin Jack is coming to stay with us again on Saturday. Whew, can't I get a break??

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