Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jack Comes to Visit... Again...

Another Saturday rolls around and guess who shows up at my house again. That's right: Jack. This time Uncle Michael had to "go to a wedding out of town" but I think he's just making things up now. So Jack had to stay with us on Saturday until Sunday.

Being good...for now.

I was cordial. I even shared my beloved clear Nylabone with him for crying out loud!

Me being a good host.

Did I get a single "thank you" from Jack? No I did not!

For some reason, Jack wasn't liking me that day. Maybe he could sense my animosity, I don't know. But I was minding my own business three different times, and he attacked! Luckily my Mom (barely) kept her sh#% together and got the lunatic off of me before any damage was done!

She gave us some Shut Up Sticks and we were cool.

Mom, when is this a-hole going home?

I'll just avoid eye contact.

Mom says for being so vicious that Jack is "awfully sweet." I beg to differ, personally.

I guess trying to kill a sweet innocent pug takes a lot out of the jerk, because he slept a whole lot.

Uncle Michael came to get him on Sunday and to my former-friend Cousin Jack, I say good riddance! Mom says Aunt Becky the Dog Whisperer is going to have to come and "deal with" us since supposedly we are going to have to be around each other a lot. He's even going to be at my Grandparents' house when we go visit! He's probably going to even try to horn in on MY Christmas! Oh this is trouble.

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Salinger The Pug said...

We're DYING LOL at "shut up sticks"!!!!


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