Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Have a Cousin!!

A few weeks ago my Mom took me to visit my Uncle Michael. I get to hang out at Uncle Michael’s sometimes when my Mom has to work late or something. So I’m always excited to see him! But this time something was different.

Well you're new.

But you seem to be alright.

This guy is my new cousin Jack. He’s a beagle and Uncle Michael got him from some people who couldn’t keep him anymore because they worked & went to school too much. Mom says that it’s all because of me that Uncle Michael wanted a dog!

Two Year Old Jack

Let's Be Friends Forever!

Jack wasn’t sure he liked me at first. See I can be pretty jumpy and excited and extra-snorty, and Jack is “laidback” (or as I like to say: BORING!). But it didn’t take long for us to start getting along!

Jack, do you know how to UFC? Because I do!

Just a few days after these pictures, my Mom went to work like a normal day. But then, Uncle Michael came to pick me up! Where was MY MOM??? I was whisked away to Uncle Michael’s and had to spend three whole days with him and Jack! I found out later that my Mom went to Kansas City to see her friend Heather’s new baby boys.

OK, they're pretty cute.

Heather has a sheltie named Dylan. Mom says he looks like a bear rug. Is that like when she calls me Baby Bear? Because I don't look anything like this!!

Alright fine, I guess those babies were a good reason to go, but WHY couldn’t I come? Don’t people in Kansas City like pugs?? I’ll be keeping an eye on you, Mom. Next time I see you leave for work with a suitcase, I won’t let you get away with it! LOOK how tired I was when I got home from Uncle Michael’s! Jack wore me out!

Tired Baby Bear

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