Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 3rd Barkday to Me!!

Three years ago today the world was graced with my presence!!

I wish my Mom had some pictures of me when I was undoubtedly an adorable puppy but alas, she doesn't because I just came to live with her 6 months ago. She sure is making up for lost time with her silly camera though, always in my face.

You again?

This is the first time I've celebrated a birthday so I didn't know what it was all about. Since my birthday is on a Tuesday we didn't do a big party like I wanted! But I got to hang out with my Mom which is my favorite thing anyway! And I got presents! Hooray!

I loooove Nylabones! I got the blue nubby one from this pack early, shhhhh.

I'm a big baseball fan so this one might be my new favorite.

First step, prop in easy-chew position.

Second step: sniff for any hints of scent. Success, bacon!

Third step: get to chewin'!

Mom decided to treat me to a stuffed toy for my birthday even though she knows I can't be trusted with them.

Meet Mr. Giraffe.

The photo above may appear like I'm being calm. Tricked you! This was just me taking a rest after flinging him back and forth with my head for five straight minutes.

Still resting.

Now let's get down to business. This guy was destroyed within five minutes of first chew. I don't know why my Mom won't just let me eat all of the stuffing like I want to. It's my birthday for crying out loud!!

After an appetizer treat of a few strands of Mr. Giraffe stuffing, I got my real treat! Watermelon! It's my favorite and it's about the only thing Mom gives me since apparently I'm "morbidly obese."

Now in dog world, I've heard that when you turn three years old, you're legal. I'm still waiting for my first beer. What gives, Mom?? Let's walk up to Tower Pub and have a nightcap!


I don't know how you expect to ever meet a man when you're always hanging out with me and denying me my adult beverages!


Salinger The Pug said...


Dude...you must be from St. Louis!!!

We better go check your profile info to see if we're right!

WHAT the hell is the deal with that weird white velveeta crap they put on your pizza there???


Gina and Vito said...

Yes we are from St. Louis! And we LOVE our Provel cheese! Although I don't get nearly as much of it as I would like.


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