Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Three Dogs in a One Bedroom Apartment

The Friday of Memorial Day weekend started like any other day. My Mom went to work and I went to bed. When I was just starting to get hungry for dinner, she came back. But she wasn’t alone. Oh no. I know this guy.

It’s my cousin Jack! I was just at his house last weekend and now he’s at mine. Is something going on that I should know about, Mom?

Turns out Uncle Michael went on a float trip so Jack was staying with us for the long holiday weekend. The next day Mom took me to see Miss Mary Catherine at Muttropolitan Groomers. I love going there, and Mom says I “smell like a million bucks” when I come home! She just sniffs and sniffs me. I humor her. This time Miss Mary Catherine gave me a Memorial Day collar.

Imagine my surprise when I came home from the groomer to find ANOTHER DOG. And this one was a fluffy girl dog named Sue Ellen. Of course I tried to greet her like I always do, by jumping all over her and snorting like a pig. Sue Ellen had the nerve to bark in my face, so I backed off. She was clearly crazy. And bossy! I looked at Jack and we agreed to steer clear of the unstable fluffy one for the rest of the weekend.

See how crazy she looks?

My Mom’s college friend Valarie is Sue Ellen’s Mom. They came all the way from Milwaukee to see us! I liked Valarie a lot and she told my Mom “His face is TOO MUCH.” I don’t really know what that means but she seemed to love me when she said it so okay, I guess my face is TOO MUCH.

The three of us dogs got along just fine. Well, I should say that Jack and I got along just fine and Sue Ellen hung out by herself. Her mom said she is a little “stuck up.” So we played by ourselves and we were really tired at the end of the night!

Finally on Monday we took Jack back to Uncle Michael’s and I got some peace and quiet at home!! Mom, let’s just hang out, you and me, for awhile, okay?

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